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This Device Prints Polaroid Photos Using Your Phone’s Screen

The concept of bringing polaroid-esque photo printers into a world where smartphones seem enough to capture images always intrigued me. You connect the little printers to your smartphone, and a mini photo is created, giving you all the old days’ feels. Polaroid Lab is trying to follow the same concept, but with a twist. Polaroid […]

Before becoming Google’s smartphone OS, Android was being developed for what kind of device? Trivia

According to Android Inc. founder Andy Rubin, the software that became the company’s Android smartphone OS was originally designed to be used in “smart cameras” but was later repurposed for handsets after it was realized that the market for digital cameras was waning. His original pitch to investors in April 2004 showed a camera that […]

Scientist develops wearable device that can predict autism-related ‘aggressive outbursts’

As medical technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, we’ve begun to see some pretty impressive breakthroughs and innovations over the past few years. Predictive medicine tech is getting quite sophisticated, with some AIs now capable of diagnosing heart conditions, eye diseases, and even psychological disorders ahead of time. Researchers from Northeastern University have […]