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Master of Disaster Roland Emmerich Puts His Spin on WWII

Lionsgate has released a brand new trailer for the World War II epic Midway. This is the latest from Roland Emmerich, the blockbuster filmmaker known best as the man behind Independence Day. In this case, Emmerich is taking a stab at one of the most famous events in history’s most infamous war, the Battle of […]

International Rewrites & Infighting Sound Like a Recipe for Disaster

Making Men In Black: International reportedly wasn’t the smoothest operation. Sony insiders allege that the project had many problems going on behind-the-scenes. Director F. Gary Gray even tried to exit the project at one point, but was convinced to stay. The news drops as the reboot tanked at the box office, earning $28.5 million, which […]

Hellboy Remake Shoot Was an Alleged Disaster with Fights, Rewrites & Walkouts

The Hellboy reboot production was reportedly a huge mess. The news drops as the movie is about to hit theaters and was slammed with a wave of negative reviews. As of this writing, the movie only has a 12% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes as a result of angry critics calling it garbage, with many […]