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99% Email Attacks Require Human Interaction: Security Researchers

Email-based cyber attacks have become common these days. I am not the only one receiving emails saying that the file in the attachment contains data that I might be interested in knowing. Social engineering has become one of the major tools attackers use to lure targets into opening links or attachments. A report by Proofpoint […]

How does temporary email service work? – Blog

Temp email address Companies Claim to Remove spam While leaving mail that is fantastic untouched. Here is what you want to learn to create email deliver on such a promise, and utilize aliases that are throwaway to your benefit. Use Your Temp email address, Access Spam You may get spam if you head to your […]

What is the best way to create a temporary email address? – Blog

If you Are using Contemporary, or gmail Email Servers, (or you could also just create another gmail account for this purpose), there is a feature in gmail that let’s you produce a readily”filterable” email address. You do this by simply adding a”+” sign following your Username and some other designation you desire after the”+” signal […]

9 Factors You Should Consider When Selecting an Email Vendor

Whether you’re picking an email delivery vendor for the first time, or reevaluating your current provider there is no shortage of information out there to consider. To make an educated decision you not only have to learn all of the industry jargon (can you say Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 5 times fast?), but also sift […]

Free Download: The Buyer’s Guide to Email

A Guide When Shopping for an Email Delivery Vendor In the email industry, institutional knowledge in the form of blogs, guides, webinars, etc. can get pretty niche. As email marketers, email deliverability experts, and product professionals, we need and like to dig into the details. However, there’s a lot of information out there which can […]

7 Reasons to OptIn’19 – SparkPost Email Deliverability Blog

In the past SparkPost has held customer forums where we’ve only invited existing customers to participate. That seemed kind of exclusive and not reflective of our welcoming company culture. This year, we decided to do away with our customer forum and instead offer a vendor-agnostic industry conference where everyone can learn and benefit from the […]

Is disposable email service profitable?

Disposable email addressing, also Called DEA or Even Temp Mail , Describes an approach Where a unique email address is used for every single contact or thing. The advantage is that if anyone compromises the speech or utilises it in connection with email abuse, the address owner can cancel (or”dispose” of) it without affecting some […]

How to use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in your Email Program

Do we really need to remind anybody about the fact that email (and email marketing) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon? If we did, we’d just flash this study by The Radicati Group on them, containing such zingers as… By the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email users will increase to over 2.9 billion. […]

The Future of Email: Google Commits to BIMI

Google has announced support for BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). As the world’s leading mailbox provider—27.8% of worldwide mailboxes according to Litmus—Gmail can make or break a new email protocol or technology. This is a huge step for the BIMI working group and a sign of even greater things to come. Google is now […]

Email Emojis: When & When Not To Use Them

This blog post was originally published on 09/28/2016 and was updated on 07/17/2019 With the popularity of  Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn’s reactions, Twitter, and text messaging, everyone is expressing themselves with emojis these days. In fact, 53% of Millenials believe using emojis and text together allow people to better understand each other. This may be why […]