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Resident Evil Producers Sued by Milla Jovovich’s Stunt Double Over On-Set Injury

Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson is suing the producers of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter after suffering major, gruesome injuries in an on-set accident during production in September 2015. Jackson was serving as Milla Jovovich’s stunt double on the most recent entry in the successful franchise at the time. The incident was so severe that Jackson’s left […]

Adam DeVine Is Tormented by an Evil Smartphone

Lionsgate has just dropped a new Green Band trailer for Jexi. The comedy tells the story of a smartphone’s A.I. assistant taking over Phil’s (Adam Devine) life. At the start, things seem to be working out perfectly, but that soon changes. The Siri-like application quickly learns how to ruin Phil’s life. While that should be […]

Maleficent 2 Storms D23 with Spooky Mistress of Evil Footage

Disney showed off one of their most anticipated movies of the fall season, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, at D23. The studio held its big movie panel today, which covered everything from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more. One of the highlights toward the end of the panel saw Angelina Jolie come out on stage to […]

Romero & Argento’s Two Evil Eyes 4K Restoration Gets Limited Edition Blu-ray in October

The Masters of Modern Horror – George A. Romero and Dario Argento – bring you an unprecedented pair of shockers inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe. In Romero’s The Facts In The Case Of Mr. Valdemar, a conniving wife (Adrienne Barbeau of The Fog) and her lover use a hypnotic trance to embezzle […]

Resident Evil Movie Reboot Will Be a Super Scary Return to Survival Horror

Big budget horror films have seen something of a renaissance with the success of IT and its upcoming sequel, IT: Chapter Two. Now, another popular horror franchise, Resident Evil Reboot, is gearing up for a big screen release. The bestselling zombie horror video game has already tasted success on the big screen with the Milla […]

Gary Oldman Takes a Terrifying Boat Trip with Evil Kids

RLJE Films has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming thriller Mary. The movie stars Oscar-winner Gary Oldman, who is one of those actors that has had such an amazingly varied career that has seen him play virtually every type of character in every type of movie imaginable. This time around, we get to see […]

Mistress of Evil Poster Brings Forth the Dark Fairy’s Friends & Foes

Disney has dominated the box office in 2019, breaking its own previous record for a single year. But we’ve still got five more months left to go, and the studio isn’t done delivering hits just yet. Next up for Disney is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, a sequel to the smash hit Maleficent. Today, we have […]

Evil Has Found Its Superhero

Sony Pictures has released the final trailer for BrightBurn. This comes from producer James Gunn, the filmmaker behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. In this instance, he’s taking on a character that has a lot of Superman-like qualities. Only this movie is posing the question, what if a superpowered alien being like Superman decided […]

Maleficent 2 Trailer Arrives, Angelina Jolie Returns as the Mistress of Evil

The time is finally here. Though we’re surprisingly getting this late in the day. The new teaser trailer for Maleficent 2:Mistress of Evil, a sequel to the global box-office hit Maleficent, has arrived. Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning reprise their roles as the dark fairy Maleficent and Princess Aurora, respectively. These two characters from the […]

More Evil Dead Is Coming Only Without Ash Says Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell still isn’t going to suit back up as Ash Williams, but the Evil Dead franchise is going to continue, in some form or another. Campbell has played the iconic Deadite slayer ever since Sam Raimi’s original horror classic was released in 1981. However, once the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled […]