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Seann William Scott Gives American Pie 5 Update, Teases Goon 3 Possibilities [Exclusive]

Seann William Scott is ready and willing to revisit a couple of his most iconic characters. While American Pie 5 and Goon 3 aren’t officially in the works, Scott is interested in reprising arguably his two most iconic roles, Steve Stifler and Doug Glatt. The question now becomes, could these projects really happen? I recently […]

Bob Shaye Has Advice for the Next Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot [Exclusive]

Seeing Robert Englund reprise his most famous role as Freddy Krueger on The Goldbergs last year during Halloween time was fantastic. The episode was true to the Elm Street series and there is no doubt, the son of a hundred maniacs had been sorely missed. Long before The Goldbergs, and even before that heinous 2010 […]

Seann William Scott Talks Bloody Blumhouse Thriller Bloodline [Exclusive]

Seann William Scott, to an entire generation, will be known as the wisecracking, foul-mouthed Steve Stifler from the American Pie franchise. Yet, the actor has always had a desire to break away from the comedic exploits he’s known best for. Now, he’s getting that chance in the genre thriller Bloodline. Bloodline, directed by Henry Jacobson, […]

Stephen King’s The Boogeyman Still on at Disney, Writers Discuss Their Take [Exclusive]

Stephen King is one of the most successful and prolific authors ever, but he’s also becoming one of the hottest brands in Hollywood. Thanks to the success of both IT and now IT Chapter Two, studios are snatching up King’s works like crazy to adapt them for the big screen. Last year, we got word […]

Scott Beck & Bryan Woods Talk Haunt, The Boogeyman and More [Exclusive]

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods broke out in a big way with last year’s A Quiet Place, which was both a critical smash and a huge commercial success. Now, the duo is back with Haunt. In addition to writing the haunted house flick, this also marks the duo’s feature directorial debut. This serves as a […]

Rob Zombie Talks Bringing the Firefly Family Back in 3 from Hell [Exclusive]

Rob Zombie is back with a new movie, 3 from Hell. After more than a decade, he’s bringing back Baby, Otis and Captain Spaulding in a flick that will finish out his Firefly Family trilogy, which started with House of 1,000 Corpses and continued with The Devil’s Rejects. Those who thought these characters were dead […]

A Quiet Place Writers Explain Why They’re Less Involved with the Sequel [Exclusive]

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were largely responsible for one of the biggest surprise hits of 2018, A Quiet Place. They penned the script, which Paramount then picked up and tapped John Krasinski to direct. Ultimately, it proved to be a critically-heralded, inventive horror blockbuster which, naturally, paved the way for A Quiet Place 2. […]

What Death Leaves Behind Star Christopher Mann Talks Cellular Memory Theory [Exclusive]

Christopher Mann, likely best known for his roles on The Wire and House of Cards”, has a lead role in a dynamic new dark thriller titled What Death Leaves Behind. The film, based on a true story, tells of a man who starts having frightening, vivid flashbacks to his organ’s murder. The acclaimed “Hitchcockian Journey” […]

D-Day Clip Has Martin Kove Throwing Americans Off the Scent [Exclusive]

D-Day is coming. From director Nick Lyon comes a new war drama starring MMA legends Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell along with Karate Kid and Cobra Kai icon Martin Kove. Today, we have an exclusive look at the movie before it hits this Friday on September 13th. Some people called it a suicide, but for […]

A Quiet Place Writers Met with Lucasfilm About Star Wars & Indiana Jones [Exclusive]

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods became a hot commodity in Hollywood following the release of A Quiet Place, which went on to find critical praise and major box office success. The duo penned the screenplay for the unique horror hit, which was directed by John Krasinski. That put Beck and Woods on many studio’s radar […]