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Facebook ‘evaluating options’ for out-of-warranty Rift CV1 cables

UploadVR has heard from a number of concerned owners of the Oculus Rift CV1 — Facebook’s first consumer-oriented PC-based VR headset released in 2016 — who are worried about getting replacement parts after its discontinuation earlier this year. So we reached out to Facebook and a representative wrote in an email “for customers who are […]

Facebook security breach exposed the phone numbers of over 400 million users

What just happened? A researcher has found several databases stored on an unprotected server that held personal information — mostly phone numbers — of hundreds of millions of Facebook users. While the company argues the data is over a year old, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a big privacy breach. The person […]

Facebook Portal is on sale for $70 off at Amazon

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Add up to 6 people in a group call with Facebook Portal. Image: Facebook By Nah’Ja WashingtonMashable Deals2019-09-04 14:23:37 UTC TL;DR: Snag the immersive communication device known as the Facebook Portal for $129 at Amazon. It’s typically $199, […]

Facebook opens face recognition tech to all users with opt-out option

(Reuters) — Facebook is opening up its face recognition technology to all users with an option to opt out, the social media company said on Tuesday, as it discontinued a related feature called “Tag Suggestions.” The old feature enabled users to choose whether Facebook could suggest that their friends tag them in photos, without giving […]

Facebook addresses facial recognition fears, will stop scanning faces by default

(Lack of) privacy: Facebook is frequently at the center of one controversy or another, and usually, it’s due to a privacy mishap. Once upon a time, the company was vilified for its alleged part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and more recently, it has caught fire for its implementation of facial recognition technology. By default, […]

Why doesn’t Facebook simply filter out politics?

As the adage goes, don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. Facebook’s genesis was for friends and family to share what was going on in their lives. Yet over the past couple of years, many Facebook newsfeeds have turned into “Trumpbook,” with a stream of outrage-focused political posts fueling Facebook interactions, especially during […]

Facebook is testing Threads, a standalone messaging app for Instagram

In brief: Facebook is trying its luck once again with a new messaging app dubbed Threads which is supposed to connect you with your closest friends and automatically share your status, location, battery life, and other real-time information with them. The interface would look very similar to the direct messaging feature that’s currently part of […]

Instagram reportedly told to double number of ads by Facebook

Feel like Instagram has more ads than ever? It’s not just you. Facebook executives last year instructed Instagram to “roughly double” the number of ads in the app, according to a new report in The Information.  The report offers a detailed accounting of the many ways Facebook has exerted more control over Instagram over the […]

Facebook let contractors listen to audio recordings from users

Facebook was listening. Sort of.  It turns out the company that only recently made a performative pivot toward privacy was paying contractors to listen to and transcribe users’ conversations, according to Bloomberg. Notably, the contractors reportedly did not know how Facebook obtained the audio and weren’t informed as to why it needed to be transcribed. […]

Facebook wants to slide ads into your DMs, according to newly published patent

If you’ve ever felt like Facebook was literally listening to your conversations, you’re really not going to like its newest idea. A patent published Thursday details how Facebook could place targeted advertising inside of private conversations in Messenger. The company has allowed businesses to run ads in its messaging app for some time, but has […]