Spider-Man Vs. Venom Movie Is Likely But Ultimately Up to Sony Says Kevin Feige

Here’s something of a bombshell: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said it’s likely that a Venom vs. Spider-Man crossover will happen at some point. This is, to say the least, a pretty wild thing to hear. While it’s unclear what this could mean for the future, or how this would all unfold, this could […]

Like Marvel’s Kevin Feige, Star Wars Hires One Producer to Oversee the Franchise

The latest Star Wars news is sure to rile up all those geeky gamers and comic artist pros out there, waiting to watch how Lucasfilm sabotages itself next. Disney has officially hired its own equivalent to Kevin Feige to oversee the entire Star Wars live-action franchise. And so far, she’s only produced one movie that […]

Endgame Doesn’t Have Time for Bathroom Breaks Warns Kevin Feige

With a confirmed runtime of three hours and almost one minute, many fans have wondered if Avengers: Endgame is getting an intermission. The answer appears to be, ‘Nope.’ Perhaps more worrying than that for those of you out there with a weak bladder, there doesn’t appear to be any downtime in the movie either, allowing […]