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Why doesn’t Facebook simply filter out politics?

As the adage goes, don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. Facebook’s genesis was for friends and family to share what was going on in their lives. Yet over the past couple of years, many Facebook newsfeeds have turned into “Trumpbook,” with a stream of outrage-focused political posts fueling Facebook interactions, especially during […]

Twitter tests filter to bury unwanted DMs even further

So, you say you’re already a pro at ignoring your unsolicited and unwanted Twitter direct messages. But what if there was a way to ignore them even harder? It’s your lucky day. The social media giant that brought us such hits as the hashtag and the retweet with comment feature is back at it again […]

Brita filter pitchers and bottles are on sale at Walmart — save up to 42%

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Save up to 1,800 water bottles a year. Image: Brita By Nah’Ja WashingtonMashable Deals2019-08-12 16:42:22 UTC TL;DR: Brita and Walmart have teamed up for a back to college sale. Save on filter pitchers, water bottles, and replacement filters. […]

The way to filter through spam properly – 10 minutes emails – Blog

The way to filter through spam properly The way spam works is simple. It catches your email through scripts incorporated in certain websites and starts sending off a big amount of unnecessary mail from then on.  Filters capture spam by identifying certain, highly suspicious and overly used words. This is where it gets tricky. Spammers […]