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The Fanatic Star Devon Sawa Talks Working with Travolta in the Celebrity Stalker Flick [Exclusive]

Devon Sawa has been working in the business for three decades and his latest movie, The Fanatic, is truly something. There are many crazy layers to this whole thing, not the least of which being that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is at the helm for this one. We’ve also got Hollywood legend and Pulp […]

The Kitchen Review: Female Gangster Flick Fizzles

The Kitchen is the film adaptation of the DC Vertigo graphic novel by Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle. The premise gives a female perspective to the traditional, machismo infused ethnic gangster flick. Unfortunately, we don’t get Goodfellas with gals. A vacuous plot and utterly predictable execution wastes the formidable talents of a top tier cast. […]

An Amazing, Spectacular Spidey Flick

How on Earth does a studio follow up something like Avengers: Endgame? A movie that had the intense burden of expectation placed upon it and, by most accounts, absolutely delivered. Something that made for one of the biggest collective pop culture events in recent memory. The simple answer? Go basic (by comparison) and let one […]

80s Hollywood Crime Flick Vice Squad Makes Its Blu-Ray This Summer

Hollywood, cops, hookers and killer pimps! Director Gary Sherman’s 1982 “neon-slime” cult classic Vice Squad is finally coming to Blu-ray this summer! News of this had been leaked previously in some circles earlier this year, but this week Scream Factory made it official. For fans of Savage Streets, 10 to Midnight or Class of 1984, […]

A Bland Horror Flick with No Character

The latest addition to the Conjuring franchise, The Curse of La Llorona, is honestly nothing special. While there is nothing inherently bad about this particular horror flick, there’s not really much good in it either. The movie relies heavily on cliche horror movie tropes, while not really managing to do anything original. This includes characters […]

Too Much Comedy Sours Robert Patrick Home Invasion Flick

The comedy thriller Tone-Deaf held its world premiere this month at SXSW, and it left me walking away with mixed feelings. Directed by Richard Bates Jr., there was a lot of potential this movie had to offer. Bates Jr. has previously made a name for himself with movies like Excision and Trash Fire, and the […]