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Double Tap Footage Arrives in Action-Packed Cast Vignette

Sony has released a new look at Zombieland Double Tap. The vignette takes us behind-the-scenes as the cast talks about being excited to be back together again. “I loved being back with everyone. It just kind of feels like getting to hang out with my buddies again,” says Emma Stone. Fans were shocked to hear […]

Last Blood International Trailer Unleashes the Most Savage Footage Yet

A new trailer has arrived for Rambo: Last Blood. This mostly new sneak peek is meant for International audiences, and it makes the earlier trailers look tame in comparison. Perhaps you’ve heard Rambo’s fifth big screen adventure compared to a savage take on Home Alone? Well, that’s exactly what this brutal new footage gives us. […]

James Gunn Dreams of Rereleasing Guardians of the Galaxy with Missing Song & New Footage

Director James Gunn has dreams of doing a Guardians of the Galaxy re-release with new footage. The question is, will Marvel let this happen? Gunn is a busy man these days, as he’s not only got Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on the horizon, but he’s also preparing to shoot The Suicide Squad in […]

Spider-Man Far from Home Extended Cut New Footage Description: Here’s What Was Added

The Spider-Man: Far from Home extended cut is now out in theaters. Sony has rereleased the highly successful sequel with roughly four minutes of new footage not shown in the original cut. The idea of releasing a movie back into theaters with bonus content is not a new phenomenon. Marvel Studios just did the same […]

Rise of Skywalker Fan Points Out Something in D23 Footage That’s Impossible to Unsee

Lucasfilm shocked Star Wars fans by releasing some brand-new The Rise of Skywalker footage over the weekend. Many were under the assumption we were going to get a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel, but J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy delivered some new footage from the highly anticipated movie instead. Since then, fans have been tearing […]

The Rise of Skywalker Extended Trailer Edit Brings All of the Footage Together

We were recently treated to some new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, courtesy of a new trailer that was revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo and later made its way online. A fan of the franchise has taken it upon themselves to couple this new footage with the previously released teaser trailer, which […]

Rise of Skywalker D23 Trailer Arrives, All-New Star Wars 9 Footage Revealed

This weekend proved to be an exciting one for Star Wars fans. We have now been treated to the Rise of Skywalker D23 footage and it looks like it was an emotional blast to make the movie. J.J. Abrams was reportedly unsure of coming back to helm the final movie in the Skywalker saga after […]

New Mulan Footage Brings Down the House at D23

New footage from Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan dropped during the D23 Expo earlier today. The movie has seen some controversy over the past week after star Yifei Liu made comments on social media about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. Most of projects featured at the event today had their stars and directors […]

Maleficent 2 Storms D23 with Spooky Mistress of Evil Footage

Disney showed off one of their most anticipated movies of the fall season, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, at D23. The studio held its big movie panel today, which covered everything from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more. One of the highlights toward the end of the panel saw Angelina Jolie come out on stage to […]

Disney’s Jungle Cruise Footage Arrives at D23 with The Rock and Emily Blunt

Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie was previewed at D23 today by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The two playfully gave an overview of the story and revealed what long-time fans of the Disneyland ride can expect when the movie finally hits theaters. Johnson sailed into the large hall riding a wheeled river boat, which earned him […]