Rian Johnson Shares Knives Out Teaser, Full Trailer Hits Tomorrow

Rian Johnson has confirmed the trailer for Knives Out will be released tomorrow. The director released a short teaser today to raise excitement for tomorrow’s big event. The murder-mystery is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and boasts an incredible cast, which Johnson sarcastically thinks we may have heard of. The first […]

Endgame Rerelease Poster & Full Details Officially Announced

Recently, we let you guys know that the rumor of an Avengers: Endgame rerelease with new footage was true. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the blockbuster is heading back to the big screen for a theatrical ‘bring back event’ that includes never-before-seen footage this weekend. Details were scarce in that original post, but […]

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Teaser Arrives, Full Trailer Coming Tomorrow

We have our first little taste of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. And we do mean little. Sony Pictures has released a very brief teaser for this continuation of the franchise, which doesn’t give us a whole lot, in itself. It does, however, promise that a trailer is coming down the pipeline in the very […]

Zendaya Goes Full Mary Jane While Promoting Spider: Man: Far from Home

Will the real Mary Jane Watson please stand up? Ever since Zendaya was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, fans have speculated that she is playing Mary Jane, love of Peter Parker’s life. The first movie did nothing to confirm that, aside from giving her characters the initials MJ. From the looks of the Spider-Man: Far from […]

Dark Phoenix Director Takes Full Blame for Delivering Such a Big Bomb

Simon Kinberg is taking full responsibility for the box office failure of Dark Phoenix. The latest X-Men installment hit theaters just last week and debuted with an unimpressive $33 million domestically. As of this writing, the movie has only earned $42.7 million with an additional $100 million coming from overseas. There was some trouble behind-the-scenes […]

Chucky & La Llorona Terrorize Theater Full of Kids Waiting to Watch Detective Pikachu

A theater expecting to see Detective Pikachu were sadly mistaken (and terrified) when The Curse of La Llorona played instead. Not only that, but the trailers playing ahead of the movie were all terrifying too, which ended up scaring some children and making them cry. This happens quite frequently in movie theaters, but we only […]

Robert Downey Jr. Was the Only Avenger to Read Full Endgame Script

Robert Downey Jr. was the only member of the Avengers: Endgame cast who was allowed to read the entire script. Marvel Studios is legendary for keeping their secrets under wraps, which often involves not handing out full scripts to the cast or even handing out scripts with fake endings in them. Endgame is on the […]

Full Cannes 2019 Movie Lineup Announced, But No Tarantino

The Cannes 2019 lineup has officially been revealed. We’ve been hearing certain titles that were rumored to appear at this year’s prestigious festival, but movie buffs all around the world have been waiting to hear what surprises were in store for this year’s edition. We now know for sure that Jim Jarmusch’s zombie movie The […]

Far from Home Merch Has a Better Look at Full Mysterio Suit

Veteran actor Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing Mysterio in this summer’s superhero sequel Spider-Man: Far from Home, and some new merchandise from the movie reveals the actor in character as the sinister Spidey villain. The character’s costume looks very faithful to how he appears in the comics, although chances are Gyllenhaal’s take on the antagonist […]