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Gender-reveal party pioneer says her daughter now bends gender norms

One of the pioneers of gender-reveal parties has changed her opinion on them, explaining that her daughter, who she had a gender-reveal party for 10 years ago, doesn’t subscribe to gender norms.  In a post on her Facebook page (named for her now-defunct blog, High Gloss and Sauce), Jenna Karvunidis set the record straight on […]

Tarantino Bites Back at Reporter as Once Upon a Time Reignites Gender Debate

Quentin Tarantino’s attitude changed during the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Cannes press conference. The director was all smiles and excited to talk about his latest project, only to slightly lose his temper when asked about Margot Robbie’s limited dialogue in the movie. Robbie portrays the late Sharon Tate in the movie, which also […]

Daniel Craig Thinks Every Gender & Race Should Be Considered for the Next James Bond

Daniel Craig will conclude his run as 007 in the next James Bond movie, and the English actor would be happy to see a woman replace him afterward. After retiring from the role, Craig will have portrayed Bond across five separate movies, and is now eager to pass the torch along to someone else. Speaking […]