Good Boys Scores Big Win for R-Rated Comedy at This Weekend’s Box Office

Good Boys debuted at number one at this weekend’s box office. This marks the first time since 2016’s The Boss that an R-rated comedy has taken the top spot. In addition, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s raunchy project is the biggest original comedy to hit screens this year and the second-best opening, only behind Tyler […]

Good Boys Cast & Crew Talk Friendship, Dirty Jokes & Surviving Tweendom [Exclusive]

Comedy is one of the most difficult things to pull off. It’s like a good magic trick in that way. Yet, every year, if we’re lucky, one comedy cuts through everything else that Hollywood is pushing into theaters. This year, it seems like Good Boys could be that comedy. Following the movie’s debut at SXSW […]

Can Angry Birds 2 or Good Boys Take Down Hobbs & Shaw at the Box Office?

Hobbs & Shaw managed to squeak out another win at the box office last weekend, bringing in $25.2 million in its second frame. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark also performed a little better than expected, nabbing a $20.9 million debut. But an avalanche of competition is making its way to theaters this weekend […]

Latest New Mutants Rumor Doesn’t Sound Good, Should It Just Get Scrapped?

The troubles continue for The New Mutants. This long-delayed X-Men spin-off has been collecting dust for the better part of two years now and, while the movie has a release date currently, things are far from certain when it comes to this project’s release. Case in point, Disney is in the middle of a major […]

Look at these three good dogs doing their best impression of a statue

Swedish photographer and dog enthusiast  Evelyn Edblad has trained her three Australian Kelpies to be extraordinarily still. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Edblad filmed her three dogs standing motionless for some 30 seconds, before she gave the call for them to sprint off. “I’ve taught Jackson, Cash, and X to stay still on command […]

Good Boys Get Naughty in New Red-Band Clips as Free Screenings Are Announced

National Friendship Day occurred over the weekend and Universal Pictures has decided to honor the holiday by offering free screenings of Good Boys this week. The upcoming comedy, produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, is a raunchy, R-rated coming of age tale that deals with the friendship between three young boys, played by Jacob […]

Endgame Co-Director Thinks It’s a Good Call

Should Keanu Reeves play Moon Knight? Kevin Smith and at least one of the Russo brothers thinks so. Keanu Reeves has been flirting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years now. The actor has famously shared his love and appreciation for Marvel Studios and not a few months goes by without some casting rumors. Most […]

I’d Rather Do Good Films

Dave Bautista has zero interest in joining up with the Fast and Furious franchise. His Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Vin Diesel has been making a killing at the box office with the Fast movies since 2001 and is currently working on Fast and Furious 9. The franchise as a whole has brought in a […]

A Groovy Good Time at the Movies

Last year, I saw the second trailer for Welcome to Marwen, and by the end of its wonderful 2-minute runtime, Marwen was my most anticipated film of the year. By the end of the movie’s 114-minute runtime, I had barely made it through my worst experience in a movie theater in a decade. I was […]

Spider-Man: Far from Home 4DX Review: A Swinging Good Time

Spider-Man: Far from Home is the third movie I’ve seen in 4DX this summer, and I think I’m addicted. This latest Marvel adventure is almost too much fun on its own, but when you throw in a roller coaster seat, wet mist, and some well-timed weather simulation, it becomes a can’t miss summer experience that […]