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Apple Arcade Competitior Google Play Pass To Officially Debut Soon

The Apple Arcade Competitor Google Play Pass is coming soon. Google made the announcement via a tweet at 3:15 AM IST on September 10, 2019. After yesterday’s event from Apple, Google is ready to take up the big stage next. At yesterday’s event, the presenter announced the launch date for the Apple Arcade gaming subscription, […]

Almost Every US State Is Launching ‘Anti-Trust’ Probe Against Google

After months of rumors, the biggest anti-trust probe is finally going to happen. On Monday, over fifty U.S states’ attorney generals announced an anti-trust investigation against Google. The investigation, led by Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton from Texas will primarily look at the tech giant’s online advertising and Internet search practices. The antitrust investigation will […]

This Google Pixel 4 Assistant Feature Will Hold Calls For You

No one likes to be put on hold, especially when you know you could have finished hundreds of household chores in that time. Many times, we are left listening to an unending loop of some annoying music. Thankfully, we are hearing of a new Google Assistant feature that will take over an unbearable phone call […]

Apple Hits Back Hard At Google And Defends iOS Security

When Google revealed via its findings that Apple’s ecosystem isn’t as safe as we think it to be, it came as a shock to Apple. Responding to Google, Apple has defended its security system, clarifying that Apple ain’t here to take anyone’s shit. Apple’s response to Google Apple, via an official press release, has hinted […]

Google open-sources datasets for AI assistants with human-level understanding

Google today open-sourced Coached Conversational Preference Elicitation (CCPE) and Taskmaster-1, datasets of dialog between two people. Both datasets are being shared by Google AI researchers to supply the training material necessary to model natural language systems that achieve human-level performance. Google researchers call CCPE a new way to collect voice data. It includes 500 dialogues […]

Google borrows dating app feature to recommend personalized movies and shows

What just happened? With so many streaming services available out there, finding a TV show or movie to watch isn’t an easy task. But Google is trying to simplify the process by borrowing a feature usually found in dating apps such as Tinder. “Starting today in the U.S., when you search for things like “good […]

6 Android 10 Features Google Copied From iPhone And iOS

Google just officially announced the Android 10 update, and we were quick to install it on our Pixel 3. Well, given that it already had the Beta 6 installed, the Android 10 final update was just 6MBs in size. You might already have an idea of what Android 10 features are coming to smartphones in […]

Google open-sources its differential privacy library

Google today released the open-source version of the differential privacy library used in some its core products, such as Google Maps. Any organization or developer can now check out the library on GitHub. Differential privacy limits the algorithms used to publish aggregate information about a statistical database. Whether you are a city planner, a small […]

Google and YouTube hit with record $170 million fine for violating Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

In brief: COPPA rules mandate that child-directed websites and services must provide notice of their information practices and obtain parental consent before collecting information from children under the age of 13. The complaint alleged that YouTube used tracking cookies to deliver targeted ads to viewers of kid-focused channels like those operated by toy companies, earning […]

‘More than half’ of the US’ state attorneys general are reportedly teaming up for a Google antitrust probe

Regulators have been looking into tech giants in some capacity for years now. Numerous investigations have been opened up into their business practices, privacy policies, and even the several data breaches that they’ve been (directly or otherwise) responsible for over time. However, many of these investigations are isolated, and relatively small in both scale and […]