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The Goonies 2 Will Happen Someday Promises Main Cast

Will The Goonies 2 ever happen? According to Sean Astin, Ke Huy Quan, and Corey Feldman, it will happen “someday.” This is a question that the main cast of the iconic movie have been answering for over 30 years now. Thankfully, Astin, Quan, and Feldman don’t seem to be sick of talking about the movie […]

This Goonies Star Almost Directed a Fantastic Four Movie Starring Christina Aguilera

Fantastic Four has had perhaps the bumpiest road of any superhero series on the big screen. First, there was that unreleased Roger Corman version which the less said about it at this point, the better. And then there were the Tim Story movies from the mid-2000’s that were ‘meh’ at best. And let’s go ahead […]

Goonies 2 Probably Won’t Ever Happen, But Sean Astin Is Okay with a Reboot

Exactly five years ago, way back in April 2014, director Richard Donner boldly proclaimed that The Goonies 2 was officially happening with himself back at the helm and most of the original cast set to return, except for perhaps Jeff Cohen, who played Chunk and went onto become a big time law professional who left […]