Resident Evil Movie Reboot Will Be a Super Scary Return to Survival Horror

Big budget horror films have seen something of a renaissance with the success of IT and its upcoming sequel, IT: Chapter Two. Now, another popular horror franchise, Resident Evil Reboot, is gearing up for a big screen release. The bestselling zombie horror video game has already tasted success on the big screen with the Milla […]

Candy Corn Trailer Has Horror Icons Lining Up for Dr. Death’s Sideshow

Epic Pictures has unveiled the trailer for Candy Corn. Director Josh Hasty, perhaps best known for his cult favorite In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn, is back with a scary new Halloween thriller that is sure to be a big hit with horror fans this fall. This creepy spookshow spectacular is coming to select theaters this […]

John Alan Schwartz, Faces of Death Director & Horror Icon, Has Died

Filmmaker John Alan Schwartz, best known for directing the movies in the controversial Faces of Death franchise, has sadly passed away. In a post shared on Schwartz’s personal Facebook account, the late filmmaker’s wife confirms Schwartz peacefully died this week, although the cause of death hasn’t been made clear at this time. Although the filmmaker […]

Cats Movie Goes Full Horror with the Stephen King Mashup Trailer It Deserves

Someone has made the Cats trailer even more horrifying than it already was. The new take on the trailer transforms it into a Stephen King movie and it’s done way too well. The first trailer for Tom Hooper’s big screen adaptation landed during the mania of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and people took notice […]

Robocop Returns Loses Director Neill Blomkamp, He’ll Direct New Horror Movie Instead

Robocop Returns has lost its director, as helmer Neill Blomkamp confirms he is no longer attached to the sequel. On his official Twitter account, Blomkamp says he is “off” the project, citing a scheduling conflict with what he’s currently working on. “Off RoboCop. I am shooting [a] new horror/thriller and MGM can’t wait,” Blomkamp explains […]

Endgame Becomes a Horror Movie in IT Style Fan-Made Trailer

Someone has decided to do a mashup of two of the biggest sequels of the year and the results are pretty outstanding. Avengers: Endgame recently hit home video and IT Chapter Two is set to arrive in theaters next month. Other than being highly-anticipated follow-ups, the movies, on paper, are radically different. However, this remixed […]

James Wan Producing Adaptation of Horror Novel The Troop by Nick Cutter

James Wan’s Atomic Monster is producing a big screen adaptation of Nick Cutter’s YA horror novel The Troop. Cutter is a horror pen name by Craig Davidson, who also writes under the name Patrick Lestewka for the genre. The Troop has been celebrated by horror fans ever since it was released in 2014 and a […]

Candyman Legend Tony Todd Takes on Horror Anthology Realm of Shadows

A new Candyman movie is on the way, but it has never been completely revealed if horror legend Tony Todd will be reprising his iconic role or not. It certainly sounds like he’s in the movie, but that has never been 100% confirmed either. While we await news on that front, it has been announced […]

Tarantino Refuses to Rule Out Horror for 10th and Final Movie

Hold onto your hats, horror fans as Quentin Tarantino’s Final Film could very well be a horror movie. Tarantino has promised for some time now that once he makes ten movies, he’s going to call it quits as a director. So far, during the promotional tour for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he’s stayed […]

Enjoy Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s horror as she accidentally dirties up a simple word-association game

Here’s more proof that everything Fleabag and Killing Eve creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge does is both inherently hilarious and deeply relatable. PW-B played a game of Think Fast with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, where they asked each other questions ranging from the straightforward to the existential and had to respond with literally the first thing […]