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James Wan Will Direct Secret Horror Movie Before Aquaman 2

James Wan is going back to the world of horror before starting work on Aquaman 2. The upcoming untitled secret horror project is for New Line Cinema and it’s from a screenplay Wan co-wrote with Ingrid Bisu. The story details are being kept under wraps for the time being, which is understandable. Wan will produce […]

Walking Dead Producers Create Shared Fairytale Horror Universe

Shared universes seem to be all the rage these days, and today we have word on another one in the works. This time it will be a shared universe of horror films based on reimagined versions of classic fairytales and public domain characters from Circle of Confusion, the production company behind The Walking Dead and […]

Why Child’s Play Is the Perfect Horror Movie Remake

The Child’s Play remake has finally arrived and is now playing in theaters, setting the stage for what all horror movie remakes should strive to accomplish. It’s directly inspired by director Tom Holland and writer Don Mancini’s original movie from 1988, starring Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. That slasher classic tells the story […]

Swamp Thing Horror Movie in Development at Warner Bros.?

As we all know by this point in time, Warner Bros. recently put the kibosh on their stellar Swamp Thing TV series over on DC Universe after only airing a single episode. There has been tons of confusion about why the show got such a swift bullet to the head, but today we have word […]

New Queer Horror Documentary Reunites Shudder & Horror Noire Producers

Shudder is making a Queer Horror Documentary to explore the history of gay themes in horror cinema. The producers behind the critically acclaimed Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror documentary are developing the new project. Sam Wineman is serving as the director and writer for the untitled documentary and it is expected to be […]

Daisy Ridley Fights a Killer Comic Book in Long-Lost Horror Movie

Good news, everyone! Daisy Ridley is finally in a comic book movie! Kind of. A new trailer for Scrawl, a horror movie that was initially shot more than 4 years ago and hit the festival circuit in 2015, is finally getting released. It just so happens to star the aforementioned Ridley, who has since become […]

Annabelle Comes Home Wins Its R-Rating for Horror, Violence and Terror

Annabelle Comes Home will continue in the tradition of previous movies in The Conjuring universe of being R-rated. The Motion Picture Association of America has officially handed down their rating for the third entry in the successful spin-off series and yes, it’s been given an R rating. So don’t expect the possessed doll to tone […]

Banana Splits Movie Is Officially Rated-R for Horror Violence & Gore

Back in February, we passed along the news that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Syfy will be bringing us a new original film based on the cult favorite children’s series The Banana Splits… but with a horror twist. And today we have word that the film will be going full-tilt boogie with the horror as […]

Texas Chainsaw Director Almost Turned Spider-Man Into an 80s Body Horror Movie

Sometimes it takes a long time to get a movie made. Decades even. Projects pass through various creative hands at various studios. Scripts get rewritten and thrown out. That’s just how it goes. Such was the case with Spider-Man, long before Sam Raimi stepped in to make his live-action version of the Marvel Comics hero […]

Found Footage Horror at Its Most Disturbing

From director John-Paul Panelli, the upcoming thriller They’re Inside is a unique addition to the found footage subgenre. As longtime horror fans will know, the found footage format was first popularized by The Blair Witch Project in 1999. Telling the story of the fate of three missing filmmakers, the movie’s plot unfolded completely through the […]