Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is a Wanted Killer on the Run [Exclusive]

What if you awoke from a coma with no idea who you were or how you got there, only to discover you were a wanted serial killer? That’s what happens to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the new high-tension thriller Awake. The movie, directed by Alex Cher and Fedor Lyass, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this […]

Happy Death Day Director Is Making a Killer New Horror Movie for Blumhouse

Happy Death Day helmer Christopher Landon has lined up his next gig at Blumhouse, as the filmmaker will write and direct a new horror movie for the studio. Jason Blum of Blumhouse is also on board to produce the secret Blumhouse horror project, with production expected to begin in Atlanta, Georgia in October. As of […]

Ronda Rousey Fights Killer Tables and It’s Pretty Bonkers

Ronda Rousey has released a trailer for a horror movie called Tables. There isn’t some hidden meaning in that title either. It’s literally a B horror flick about killer furniture. Some of her wrestling friends are along for the ride, with Travis Browne, Julia DeMars, Devon Hughes and Saraya Bevis all popping up in this […]

Jared Leto Wanted as a Serial Killer in Denzel Washington’s The Little Things

Jared Leto might be lining up his next villainous role, as the actor is in talks to play a serial killer in the upcoming thriller The Little Things. If cast, Leto would be starring opposite Denzel Washington and Rami Malek, who’d be playing the police officers pursuing him. Their castings were first reported on back […]

Daisy Ridley Fights a Killer Comic Book in Long-Lost Horror Movie

Good news, everyone! Daisy Ridley is finally in a comic book movie! Kind of. A new trailer for Scrawl, a horror movie that was initially shot more than 4 years ago and hit the festival circuit in 2015, is finally getting released. It just so happens to star the aforementioned Ridley, who has since become […]

Alec Baldwin Thought Beetlejuice Was Going to Be a Career Killer

Alec Baldwin was prepared for Beetlejuice to ruin his career while they were making the movie. The quirky horror comedy is a Tim Burton classic and it’s hard to imagine someone not having much faith in it while the cameras were rolling. Burton wasn’t yet a household name and Baldwin was just getting started in […]

In Fabric Trailer Unleashes a Killer Dress

A24’s trailer for their upcoming In Fabric looks like a peculiar thriller. Peter Strickland is behind the camera for the movie, which has been called a British horror comedy about a killer dress. Reviews have praised Strickland for his take on the material, which hits North American theaters later this year. While the trailer certainly […]

The Batman Fan Art Turns Vanessa Hudgens Into One Killer Catwoman

The Batman is rumored to have two major villains, with Penguin and Catwoman both reportedly appearing in the movie to square off against a new Bruce Wayne. We’ve heard Josh Gad’s name thrown around quite a bit as old Oswald Cobblepot. Now the murmurs are starting to whisper that Vanessa Hudgens could be in the […]

A Slow Start with A Killer Finish

Detective Pikachu is the perfect nostalgia trip for any Pokemon fan that has been waiting for a live action Pokemon movie since they were a kid. While Detective Pikachu certainly isn’t the route that people would’ve expected to kick off what we can only assume will be a cinematic universe of live-action Pokemon movies, it […]

The Lodge Trailer Takes Riley Keough for a Killer Vacation in the Mountains

A brand new trailer from The Lodge is here. This is one of those horror movies that is sort of building up some momentum, or at least it appears to be, in the same way that movies like Hereditary have in recent years. Debut at a major film festival (in this case Sundance) to rave […]