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Marvel’s The Infinity Saga Trailer Celebrates the MCU’s Epic Legacy

The Infinity Saga full-length trailer is now online. The massive trailer goes over elven years-worth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and packs a lot into its barely three-minute runtime. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently revealed that The Infinity Saga was going to be released in a massive Blu-ray boxset, which will include all 23 […]

Rambo Legacy Lives on in Latest Last Blood TV Spot and Heart-Piercing Poster

We have a brand new TV spot and poster for Rambo: Last Blood. It’s been more than a decade since we last saw the iconic Sylvester Stallone action hero on the big screen, but he’s finally making his triumphant return. Based on both this new poster and footage, it looks like it’s very much going […]

Eddie Murphy Explores Rudy Ray Moore’s Legacy

Rudy Ray Moore is the focus of the new Dolemite Is My Name! featurette. That may seem obvious because Eddie Murphy is playing the iconic entertainer, but the footage offers a real-life look at Moore. There are obviously shots from the upcoming Netflix movie, but the majority of the brief featurette is about Moore and […]

Last Jedi Director Explains Why Risk Taking Is Important to the Star Wars Legacy

Rian Johnson still stands behind the decisions he made while writing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Wars fans were left divided by the movie that Johnson delivered in a major way. Some fans were all for the bold decisions that Johnson made, taking the franchise out of the norm and into new territory. However, […]

Bill & Ted Face the Music Brings in George Carlin’s Daughter to Honor the Rufus Legacy

Kelly Carlin has been cast in Bill & Ted Face the Music. The daughter of the late great George Carlin, who originally played Rufus in the franchise, made the announcement on social media this week. Carlin thanked creator/writer Ed Solomon and star Alex Winter on social media for including her in the highly anticipated sequel. […]

Rian Johnson Promises to Take His New Star Wars Trilogy Beyond the Legacy

Rian Johnson is still working on a totally new Star Wars trilogy. Normally, it wouldn’t necessarily be news to find out that a previously announced project is still happening. Yet, this isn’t just any project. Johnson directed The Last Jedi, which wound up being commercially very successful, even though it proved to be quite divisive […]

Dark Phoenix Legacy Video & Poster Series Celebrate X-Men Day

Today is officially X-Men Day and 20th Century Fox is going all out to promote their upcoming Dark Phoenix. In addition to the new trailers and behind-the-scenes looks, the studio has also released an “inspired by” Poster Series, highlighting the X-Men franchise and the upcoming movie. X-Men Day honors the legacy of the X-Men franchise […]

Endgame Trailer Celebrates the Heroic Legacy of the MCU

Marvel has released a new Avengers: Endgame trailer online as the ten-day countdown to the cinematic event of the year begins. The studio has been incredibly tight-lipped about what’s coming our way next week when the follow-up to Infinity War finally arrives. Case in point, this trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of […]