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Why Do We Desire for a Temporary mail (10 minutes emails) – Blog

When we come upon that an anonymous email exists, we do not entirely understand how usefulness it can be. And the most remarkable question is, “Why do we desire for a temporary mail (10 minutes emails), if we already have regular email service providers (gmail.com, yahoo.com, …)?” If both the regular emails and anonymous emails are absolutely […]

Temp Email

Anonymous file transfer adopting Disposable mail – Blog

Anonymous file transfer adopting Disposable mail Today, anonymous file transfer between users is the fundamental part of their personal data security system. Usually, users have to install additional complex software solutions to set up a virtual data channel for safe data transfer via emails. However, if you prefer to protect yourself from intruders, it’s enough […]

Disposable mail with a beginner marketer tool – Blog

Despite the speedy development of social media and targeted ads, email is the most effective tool to communicate with the potential customers. In evidence, the task of the beginner web marketer consists of 3 small steps leading to a success:  the creation of a well-optimized website, the promotion of this website using automated methods and […]

Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial – Blog

Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial There are various benefits to trying a service for free before making a purchase. Test driving a free mail marketing service like SendGrid can be useful for many reasons. In this post, I’ll lead you through the main decision-making points you should consider […]

Temporary mail with no registration: Surf safely and perform better use of the Web – Blog

Temporary mail with no registration: Surf safely and perform better use of the Web You use much time on the Internet, communicating in social media, reading e-books and viewing video guides and online lessons. The Web opens up endless possibilities for people who want to gain new skills and improve themselves. Unfortunately, surfing the Internet has a downside: your electronic mail becomes flooded with tons of spam messages that swamp important email. Read further to find out how to avoid this. What is a temporary mail for your understanding Disposable email is an absolute solution for users who would like to keep their private information secure […]

Temp Email

Who and what purposes uses temporary mail (10 minutes email)? – Blog

There is merely small percentage of huge international services in the Internet that demand full personalization in the process of registration emphasizing on full name input and bound such information with telephone number. Other 99% of internet resources offer to tell only e-mail while registration. Then in your mail box there come a letter with […]

Temp Email

How to register anonymously on The Pirate Bay adopting Temp Mail disposable email – Blog

How to register anonymously on The Pirate Bay adopting Temp Mail disposable email The Pirate Bay is the world’s largest torrent website, visited by more than 4 million people every day. Although it has frequently been targeted by copyright holders, the website has managed to stay afloat. Moreover, the torrent tracker continues to develop strongly, […]