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Joker Gets Animated in Trent Shy’s Creepy Claymation Motion Poster

It’s almost time to put on a happy face. Joker is one month away from hitting theaters nationwide, following a great reception at the Venice Film Festival this past week, where the movie has been hailed as a modern masterpiece and a very different kind of comic book movie. Today, we have a creepy motion […]

Man stands beneath a shower of spinning sparks in extreme slow motion

Obviously no Slow Mo Guys video should be tried at home, but this one is so dangerous they actually put their own warning at the start of the video. You know things are about to get risky when that happens. In the clip above, Dan holds up a fan with wire wool attached to each […]

Tenet Motion Poster Arrives, Is It a Secret Sequel to Christopher Nolan’s Inception?

Get out your tinfoil hats, because we’ve got one heck of a theory coming your way. As many who went to go see Hobbs & Shaw over the weekend discovered, the first teaser trailer for Tenet, the latest from director Christopher Nolan, was snuck into theaters as something of a big surprise. While the teaser […]

The Motion Picture Returns to Theaters for 40th Anniversary This Fall

The first-ever Star Trek film is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year in a big way as Star Trek: The Motion Picture returns to the big screen for two days only. Now, you can re-experience the adventure in movie theaters nationwide on September 15 and 18, or discover it for the first time since its […]

Mark Hamill’s Chucky Laugh Revealed in Child’s Play Motion Poster

Mark Hamill will be voicing the new Chucky when Child’s Play hits theaters this summer, and his laugh has been revealed in a new motion poster for the movie. So far, fans have been given sneak peeks and brief glimpses of the killer doll through various teasers and promo images. The new motion poster shows […]

Endgame Sets Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in Motion

Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters and breaking all kinds of box office records. With that being said, the Russo Brothers packed a lot of story into the three-hour and 58-second movie, leaving a lot to be discussed about the past and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One movie coming in the MCU’s future, […]