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Sam Raimi Is Turning Bedtime Story Horror Short Into a Feature-Length Movie

Sam Raimi has lined up another interesting horror project, as he has set out to turn the short Bedtime Story into a feature-length movie. He will produce the thriller, which was picked up by JS Entertainment and Starlight Media. The original was directed by Lucas Paulino and Ángel Torres. Lucas Paulino and Ángel Torres will […]

Far from Home Beats Captain Marvel as 3rd Biggest Movie of 2019

Spider-Man: Far from Home has quietly managed to accomplish a major box office milestone. Over the weekend, the sequel overtook Captain Marvel, very narrowly, to become the third biggest movie of 2019. This normally would be viewed as a win/win for Marvel, but given the recent split between Sony and Disney when it comes to […]

Funko Pop! Movie Is Officially Happening at Warner Bros. Animation

It’s official: we’re getting Funko Pop! the Movie. Rumors of just such a project sprang up earlier this year in January, though they weren’t corroborated, until now that is. Warner Bros. has partnered with the highly-successful toy company to bring their line of incredibly popular figurines to the big screen. Given the success of The […]

Is Disney+ Planning a Solo Spin-Off Movie Instead of a True Sequel?

Disney and Lucasfilm are reportedly developing a spin-off based on Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie hit theaters last year and was seen as a box office and critical disappointment. However, over the past several months, Star Wars fans have been warming up to the movie and several fans want to see a sequel. […]

Silver Surfer Movie in Active Development at Marvel Studios?

Marvel Studios is reportedly developing a Silver Surfer movie. The news comes after Disney successfully acquired Fox earlier this year. All of the Marvel Fox properties are now under the watch of Kevin Feige, who has already announced a new Blade movie and teased the Fantastic Four and X-Men for the future. However, he did […]

James Cameron Breaks Silence on Endgame Beating Avatar as Biggest Movie Ever

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige announced the news that Avengers: Endgame had become the highest grossing movie of all time at Comic-Con this summer. The timing was perfect and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans celebrated all over the world. James Cameron’s Avatar had held that record since 2009 and the director held it even before then […]

What Will It Take for Endgame Directors to Do Another Marvel Movie?

The Russo Brothers are confident that they will work with Marvel Studios again in the future. After the epic success of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the directing duo are taking a break from working with Marvel to focus on smaller scale projects. They are currently out promoting their latest movie Mosul, which was shot […]

Brendan Fraser Is All in for Another Mummy Movie as Long as It’s Fun

Could we see the return of Rick O’Connell to the big screen? Should Universal Pictures decided to revisit that version of The Mummy franchise, Brendan Fraser is down to revive his ancient artifact hunting, monster dueling action hero. Now the real question becomes, could this really happen? First, let’s dig into what was said. Brendan […]

Joker Vs. the Batman Movie with Joaquin Phoenix & Robert Pattinson Will Never Happen

DC and Warner Bros. are branching out from the DCEU with standalone movies about Batman and his arch-nemesis the Joker, leading to fan speculation that the two might share their own movie universe. However, it has now been confirmed The Batman and Joker will not be connected in any way, with each taking place in […]

Breaking Bad Movie Gets a Music Video Recap That Will Get You Hyped for El Camino

Netflix is continuing their hype for the upcoming debut of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on the streaming service with a new teaser video. Set to the music of “Enchanted” by Chloe X Halle, the video compiles clips of Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman throughout all five seasons of Breaking Bad, from his early […]