Halloween III Star Tom Atkins Would Love to Return in Next 2 Halloween Movies

Horror movie legend Tom Atkins is well-known to Halloween fans as the star of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but if Blumhouse will have him, Atkins is making it clear he’d love to appear in the franchise once again. After director David Gordon Green unveiled his Halloween sequel last year, the movie made Michael […]

The Gathering & Sims Movies All Cancelled by Disney

Several planned video game based movies in the works will no longer see the light of day, as Disney has unplugged a handful of them in one fell swoop. As a result of Fox movies underperforming at the box office after the Disney-Fox merger, the House of Mouse is shelving all but a select few […]

Full Moon Features App Launches Unleashing Access to the Genre Label’s Iconic Movies

Full Moon is excited to announce a new chapter in their ever-evolving history in genre entertainment. Introducing the Full Moon Features channel and app which is now currently available on all streaming devices (iOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, ROKU, Fire TV, Apple TV and all Microsoft devices.) The Full Moon Features channel […]

Game of Thrones Creators Sign Huge Netflix Deal to Create New Movies & TV Shows

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are moving from HBO to Netflix, as the pair have signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the popular streaming service. Reportedly, the pair’s deal is in the 9-figure range, rivaling similar deals given to other Netflix show creators like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy. Netflix chief […]

How Many Movies & TV Episodes Will Disney+ Have at Launch?

Safe to say, there will be no shortage of things to watch on Disney+ when the service launches later this year. Disney recently held its quarterly investor call and CEO Bob Iger divulged a bunch of new information regarding the studio’s streaming service. One of the biggest questions up to this point has been, how […]

New Planet of the Apes Movies Planned at Disney, Will Be a Continuation of the Saga

The Planet of the Apes franchise isn’t done yet, as it’s been revealed that the series will continue under Disney’s roof. Disney completed its $71.3 billion merger with Fox back in March, which brought with it the entirety of the movie studio 20th Century Fox. As such, Disney inherited a whole bunch of franchises and […]

This Holiday Season’s Must See Movies in Theaters

As most movie fans know Tim Burton came up with the idea for The Nightmare Before Christmas while doing some shopping as Halloween decorations were quickly replaced with their yuletide counterparts, resulting in a momentary mishmash of the two. With that in mind, it isn’t too crazy to start talking about This Holiday Season’s Must […]

November’s Must See Movies

Oscar bait biopics and prestige dramas aren’t the only things on the menu in November. Terminator: Dark Fate and Charlie’s Angels bring the action sequel bombast, with Midway giving the Roland Emmerich big-budget spectacle treatment to World War II. The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep arrives hot on the heels of It: Chapter 2 with horror […]

Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Shooting in California Along with 10 Other New Movies

The London-Based Sherlock Holmes is coming to The Golden State. Due to the state’s $330 million program, 10 projects have been approved to receive tax credits for shooting there, and Sherlock Holmes 3 is one of them. California’s Film Commission estimates that together, they will generate $310 million in spending across the state. Among the […]

A Groovy Good Time at the Movies

Last year, I saw the second trailer for Welcome to Marwen, and by the end of its wonderful 2-minute runtime, Marwen was my most anticipated film of the year. By the end of the movie’s 114-minute runtime, I had barely made it through my worst experience in a movie theater in a decade. I was […]