Latest New Mutants Rumor Doesn’t Sound Good, Should It Just Get Scrapped?

The troubles continue for The New Mutants. This long-delayed X-Men spin-off has been collecting dust for the better part of two years now and, while the movie has a release date currently, things are far from certain when it comes to this project’s release. Case in point, Disney is in the middle of a major […]

New Mutants Should Have Hit Theaters This Weekend, Will We Ever See It?

Today is, or perhaps we should say, would have been, an important day for X-Men fans, as today would have been the day that The New Mutants was going to hit theaters. But that is no longer the case, as the troubled project is still sitting on a shelf waiting to be released. Many would-be […]

The New Mutants Has Been Delayed Until 2020 for Upcoming Reshoots

After more than a year of delays and questions surrounding The New Mutants, we have confirmation that the movie is finally going to be undergoing reshoots. This X-Men spin-off has been rather troubled, as Fox apparently wasn’t happy with what director Josh Boone initially delivered. The situation has allegedly been contentious behind the scenes and […]

Disney Delays New Mutants Yet Again, X-Men Spinoff Won’t Arrive Until 2020

Here’s something new that sounds like something we’ve heard before, mostly because it is. The New Mutants has had its release date pushed back. Again. This isn’t the first time the troubled X-Men spin-off has been delayed and, at this point, we’re not confident in saying it’s going to be the last. That said, for […]

Disney Knocks New Mutants Off 2019 Release Slate, Is It Ever Coming Out?

We will get to see The New Mutants someday, it’s just not clear when that’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen. This X-Men spinoff has been in the works for a very, very long time now, with the original release date pegged for April 2018. But that day came and went and […]

New Mutants Is Confirmed for Disney’s 2019 Release Slate

The New Mutants has been through a lot over the past year. However, it looks like the movie is officially happening after Disney released their upcoming release slate at CinemaCon. Marvel fans were starting to get worried after a series of release date changes and the promise of reshoots, which have still yet to happen. […]