Shari Headley Officially Returning for Coming 2 America

Shari Headley is reteaming with Eddie Murphy for Coming to America 2. Headley is reprising her role as Lisa McDowell from the 1989 original. In addition to Murphy and Headley, the highly anticipated sequel also sees the return of Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Paul Bates, and John Amos. Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne, Rick Ross, […]

Marvel Studios Officially Takes Over X-Men, Fantastic Four & Deadpool

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is officially in control of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool properties, which were inherited as part of the studio’s massive $71.3 billion merger with Fox. Not that we needed any further confirmation on the matter, but it’s just been made a little more clear by Disney. While it still […]

Venom 2 Officially Locks in Director Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis is officially directing Venom 2. Rumors started to spread at the end of July after Serkis took some meetings with Sony about potentially taking on the sequel. Now, it looks like they liked what he had to say. This is a big gig for Serkis who is better-known for his motion capture and […]

White Chicks 2 Is Officially Happening According to Terry Crews

Brace yourselves, as it’s looking increasingly like White Chicks 2 is on the way. Earlier this year, Marlon Wayans said that there were “rumblings” about a possible sequel to the 2004 Wayans brothers comedy. Now, cast member Terry Crews has added some fuel to the fire, saying that the movie is going to happen. Beyond […]

Endgame Rerelease Poster & Full Details Officially Announced

Recently, we let you guys know that the rumor of an Avengers: Endgame rerelease with new footage was true. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the blockbuster is heading back to the big screen for a theatrical ‘bring back event’ that includes never-before-seen footage this weekend. Details were scarce in that original post, but […]

Marvel Phase 4 Plans to Be Officially Announced at D23 in August

We now know when we will hear about what Marvel Studios has up their sleeves for their movie slate after Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, and everyone else at the studio, has remained tight-lipped in regards to what their plans will consist of in the coming years. Fans have been dying to know […]

John Cena Is Officially Confirmed for Fast and Furious 9

Dwayne Johnson will soon not be the only wrestling legend and actor to star in the Fast and Furious franchise, as John Cena has officially been confirmed as a part of the cast of Fast & Furious 9. The confirmation comes after co-star Vin Diesel previously spoke about Cena’s involvement in the project back in […]

Banana Splits Movie Is Officially Rated-R for Horror Violence & Gore

Back in February, we passed along the news that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Syfy will be bringing us a new original film based on the cult favorite children’s series The Banana Splits… but with a horror twist. And today we have word that the film will be going full-tilt boogie with the horror as […]

Darkseid Officially Revealed in Justice League Snyder Cut

We finally have a proper look at Darkseid from Justice League, who would have appeared in the movie had Zack Snyder had it his way. As DC fans are surely aware at this point, Snyder most certainly did not have it his way and the version that made its way to theaters was incredibly distant […]

Rise of Skywalker Cast List Officially Drops Matt Smith, What’s Going On?

Disney has officially removed Matt Smith from the cast list for The Rise of Skywalker. Depending on what side of the fence one falls on, this can be read one of two ways; either Smith is playing some sort of super secret role in the movie and the studio is doing everything they can to […]