John Wick 3 Blasts Past Endgame at the Box Office with Franchise Best Opening

John Wick 3: Parabellum is number one at the box office this weekend after bringing in $57 million domestically. This is the highest debut in the franchise’s short history with John Wick ($14.4 million) and John Wick: Chapter 2 ($30.4 million). The action movie, which was helmed by Chad Stahelski, was able to exceed box […]

Endgame Scores Historic Worldwide Box Office Opening with $1.2B

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame made history this weekend with a record-shattering estimated global debut of $1,209.0 million, becoming the first film in history to surpass $1 billion in its opening weekend. It reached the billion-dollar threshold in just five days, more than twice as fast as its predecessor “Avengers: Infinity War,” which held the record […]

Endgame Beats Infinity War for Biggest Box Office Opening Ever with $350M

Avengers: Endgame was able to exceed initial estimates to destroy the record for highest grossing debut weekend in North American history. The movie was easily able to bring in $350 million, decimating the previous record held by last year’s Infinity War, which earned $257.6 million during its opening weekend. If that wasn’t enough, Endgame was […]

Endgame Decimates Opening Day Box Office Record with $156.7M

The Avengers: Endgame debut weekend is off to a smashing start. The latest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe now has the record for highest opening day at the box office with $156.7 million domestically. This easily beats the $119.1 million record set by 2015’s The Force Awakens by more than $38 million and Infinity […]

Endgame Opening Song Is Perfect

Avengers: Endgame makes use of some music Star-Lord would approve of. Infinity War broke from tradition and featured one song other than Alan Silvestri’s original score, which was “Rubberband Man” by the Spinners and it was used to introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a perfect way to keep the fun atmosphere director […]

Endgame Decimate All Opening Box Office Records This Weekend?

Last weekend The Curse of La Llorona scared up a decent $26.3 million to win the Easter weekend box office, the worst the box office has seen in more than a decade. Things are in for a big, cosmic shakeup this weekend as Avengers: Endgame is finally set to arrive in theaters. Marvel’s latest, to […]

Endgame Has Already Made $120 Million Before Opening Night

Even several days ahead of its official opening in theaters, Avengers: Endgame has already made several boatloads of cash, putting in on pace for a record-breaking run at the box office. This is, to put it lightly, one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2019. It’s probably got Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker beat […]

Dark Phoenix Is on Track for Lowest X-Men Opening Ever

Dark Phoenix isn’t tracking for a heroic opening weekend at the box office. This movie is going to be the last in this version of the X-Men franchise, which has been going ever since the first live-action movie was released in 2000. And, technically speaking, the continuity has never been totally reset, making this a […]

Opening Night Endgame Tickets Are Going for $500 on Ebay

Avengers: Endgame tickets are already being scalped on eBay for unbelievably high prices. Presale tickets for what is probably the most highly-anticipated movie of the year officially were made available today. Even though everyone expected the demand to be very high, it was an absolute mess for many fans who were trying to score tickets […]