Dark Phoenix Legacy Video & Poster Series Celebrate X-Men Day

Today is officially X-Men Day and 20th Century Fox is going all out to promote their upcoming Dark Phoenix. In addition to the new trailers and behind-the-scenes looks, the studio has also released an “inspired by” Poster Series, highlighting the X-Men franchise and the upcoming movie. X-Men Day honors the legacy of the X-Men franchise […]

Dark Phoenix Rises in New Poster as X-Men Day Is Announced

Dark Phoenix is the end of the line for the X-Men franchise as we currently know it. After Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox, there have been a lot of changes behind-the-scenes. It’s only a matter of time before the Fox properties are integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t excited […]

Final Dark Phoenix Trailer Has Jean Grey Losing Complete Control

Jean Grey is unstoppable in the third and final trailer for Dark Phoenix. The movie was going to be the start of a new phase of the franchise until the Disney acquisition took place and now the upcoming project will be the end instead. With that being said, Marvel fans are interested to see how […]

Dark Phoenix Will End X-Men Series, Here’s What We Learned at CinemaCon

Disney used part of their presentation at CinemaCon to showcase Dark Phoenix, which will officially conclude this version of the franchise. Disney recently finished up their merger with Fox, meaning that they’re in control of all the franchises that were under that roof, which includes the X-Men. Disney inherited Dark Phoenix, but they still intend […]

What Does Mark Hamill Think of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker?

Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the Joker has been teased in the first trailer. Obviously, there have been comparisons to past actors who have taken on the Clown Prince of Crime by fans, which isn’t exactly fair because it’s based on a few minutes of footage. With that being said, the response has been overwhelmingly positive […]

Dark Phoenix Photo Puts Magneto & Jean Grey in an Iconic X-Men Location

We have a brand new image from Dark Phoenix that introduces a potentially exciting element to the X-Men franchise for longtime fans. This is going to be the final movie in this version of the franchise, which has been going since the first live-action X-Men movie was released in 2000. But the series will be […]

Dark Phoenix Is on Track for Lowest X-Men Opening Ever

Dark Phoenix isn’t tracking for a heroic opening weekend at the box office. This movie is going to be the last in this version of the X-Men franchise, which has been going ever since the first live-action movie was released in 2000. And, technically speaking, the continuity has never been totally reset, making this a […]

Dark Phoenix Has a Stan Lee Tribute Instead of a Cameo

Stan Lee passed away in mid-November of last year, but his legacy lives on up on the big screen with every new Marvel movie released. Plus, let’s not forget the man’s killer cameos which have continued posthumously in films such as Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. But it looks like Lee will not […]

Dark Phoenix Panel Wows at WonderCon, Comic-Inspired Poster Unleashed

At Wondercon in Anaheim there was a panel featuring the filmmakers and cast members of Dark Phoenix, the most recent installment of the X-Men series. Before the panel started, a message over the loudspeakers said that due to time constraints, there would be no time for audience questions. The crowd murmured, collectively signaling, “Of course […]