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This Device Prints Polaroid Photos Using Your Phone’s Screen

The concept of bringing polaroid-esque photo printers into a world where smartphones seem enough to capture images always intrigued me. You connect the little printers to your smartphone, and a mini photo is created, giving you all the old days’ feels. Polaroid Lab is trying to follow the same concept, but with a twist. Polaroid […]

15 Best 5G Phones Announced So Far In 2019

It’s finally the time when 5G is not a distant dream! With an aim to attain faster and faster internet speeds, we finally have the next-gen 5G network soon to be commercially available to all. With this, smartphone makers are also readying themselves with new smartphones, all being 5G-ready. While there is some more time […]

Librem 5 Linux Phone’s Iterative Shipping Schedule Is Finally Here

Just earlier this year in July, we gave you the latest update on the much-anticipated Libre 5 Linux smartphone that has been under development for quite some time. Back then, Purism announced the final specifications of its open source, Linux-based smartphone. Powered by a 1.5GHz i.MX8M Quad-Core processor, the smartphone will ship with 3GB RAM […]

Android 10 Update Is Breaking Important Features On Pixel Phones

After waiting for a year, many Pixel owners finally got to update their devices to Android 10. Of course, they did so on day one and tried out the new features. But the experience turned out to be bad for some users as almost all the sensors on their Pixel phone stopped working after the […]

Android 10 is available today on all Pixel phones

In brief: The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, known simply as Android 10, is now available on Pixel phones and will be coming to partner devices this year. It features a number of noteworthy additions and improvements as highlighted below. Android 10 features a new gesture navigation system that allows you to swipe […]

Motorola One Action Brings Ultra-Wide Videos To Budget Phones

Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched a new smartphone in India under its Motorola One series — the Motorola One Action. As a reminder, the smartphone was initially launched in Brazil recently. Motorola One Action Highlights The Motorola One Action has its main highlight in the form of a 16MP 117-degree wide-angle action camera to record ultra-wide […]

Huawei: there will be no HarmonyOS phones this year

What just happened? Huawei says that despite unveiling what could be an alternative operating system to Android, the company has no plans to launch a smartphone powered by its HarmonyOS this year—unless it’s forced to. At the start of the month, Huawei unveiled what most people already knew: it had long been working on an […]

Remotely hacking elevator phones shouldn’t be this easy

“Do not hack the elevators here, please.”  Will Caruana is on stage at the annual DEF CON hacking convention in Las Vegas, and with a quick disclaimer and mischievous grin, he’s implored the crowd to behave. Behaving, of course, is not why anyone went to a talk on hacking elevator phones.  According to Caruana’s talk, […]