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Is Disney+ Planning a Solo Spin-Off Movie Instead of a True Sequel?

Disney and Lucasfilm are reportedly developing a spin-off based on Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie hit theaters last year and was seen as a box office and critical disappointment. However, over the past several months, Star Wars fans have been warming up to the movie and several fans want to see a sequel. […]

IT Director Is Planning Supercut of Both Movies, Will Shoot New Scenes

IT Chapter Two director Andres Muschietti intends to shoot additional footage for his supercut of both installments. The highly anticipated sequel was easily able to land the number one spot all over the world after premiering last weekend. While the movie made considerably less money than the first installment’s opening weekend, it was still enough […]

Marvel Planning Inhumans Reboot in the MCU?

Get ready for a potentially tantalizing rumor, Marvel fans. There is a whole lot on the horizon in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as Phase 5, which is already taking shape. While it feels like there is already so much in the works, is it possible that Kevin Feige and Co. […]

Tesla is reportedly planning to increase EV prices in China on August 30

The ongoing trade war between the US and China has continued to escalate lately, and it’s already having an impact on many US businesses due to back-and-forth tariffs. Some have been forced to stockpile additional inventory ahead of the holidays to avoid increased import costs in the coming months, whereas others are warning that they’ll […]

Is Marvel Planning Fantastic Four Movie with Ant-Man Director for 2022?

The Fantastic Four might be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot sooner than initially thought. A new rumor suggests a 2022 release date. Ant-Man director Peyton Reed is reportedly campaigning to direct the project, which at this time, would be the first Fox property to get thrown into the mix at Disney. Marvel […]

Marvel Is Planning Behind-The-Scenes Look at Stan Lee’s MCU Cameos

We lost a legend last year when Stan Lee passed away. The Marvel icon helped build what has become one of the most powerful entertainment brands in all of pop culture, largely thanks to the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, as Lee would have joked while he was still with us, much of […]

Is Marvel Planning to Bring Deathlok Into a Future MCU Movie Soon?

Marvel Studios is reportedly bringing Deathlok to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back in the 1990s, Marvel had a script that was nearly ready to go, but the studio is not the powerhouse that it is today and it was considered to be a hard sell. Over time, the project fell by the wayside, but fans […]