New Lion King TV Spot Arrives with Several Character Posters

Disney has released a new TV spot and eleven character posters for their upcoming The Lion King remake. The studio’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin hit theaters over the holiday weekend and ended up exceeding expectations at the global box office, despite the fact that some Disney fans were initially pretty upset over the way Will […]

The Lost Boys Early Unused Concept Posters, Comic Book Replica Will Be Available Soon

Late movie poster legend John Alvin’s original The Lost Boys poster designs are being made available for the first time ever. Three never-before-printed designs will be up for sale during a special 35mm screening of the iconic vampire movie this Friday in New York. However, one of the limited edition prints will be available to […]

Endgame Spoilers in 3 New Posters

Fan artist BossLogic has created an emotional tribute to Avengers: Endgame with three new posters. The spoiler ban for the movie has officially lifted as of this week, so there have been all kinds of posts, tributes, and behind-the-scenes pictures flooding social media because it’s now okay to openly discuss Endgame. With that being said, […]

King of the Monsters Posters Arrive as Tickets Go on Sale

Heads up, giant monster fans! Not only do we have two brand new posters for Godzilla: King of the Monsters to share, but presale tickets for the movie are now available. So those who want to get in on the monster brawl of the century early can scoop up tickets for opening weekend as we […]

Bill Murray Leads the Zombie Charge in 4 The Dead Don’t Die Character Posters

The Dead Don’t Die is set to make a splash at Cannes this year, premiering alongside Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The zombie comedy comes as quite the departure for director Jim Jarmusch, who is perhaps best known for such indie classics as Dead Man, Ghost Dog, Broken Flowers and Coffee & […]

Latest Aladdin TV Spots & Posters Open a Whole New World of Adventure

The latest looks at Aladdin put the focus on the importance of self-confidence. Previous peeks at the movie have been telling more of the story, but Disney is starting to branch out a little bit in their promotional campaign as the release date nears. The live-action remake has seen a bit of a backlash over […]

Endgame Posters Unite Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

We’re in the endgame now, Marvel fans. Four brand new posters for Avengers: Endgame have been released in honor of presale tickets officially going on sale for what is probably going to be the biggest movie of the year. That makes today a very big day and the folks at Marvel are treating it as […]

12 New Endgame Character Posters Prepare for a Cosmic Quest

We have another batch of new posters for Avengers: Endgame. Marvel was keeping very quiet in regards to their latest movie for months, as they clearly wanted to keep all of its secrets intact until opening night. While they’re still doing a pretty good job of not letting us know too much, they’re ramping up […]

Baba Yaga, Gruagach & the Giants Get Their Own Hellboy Posters

Baba Yaga and Gruagach star in the latest posters for Neil Marshall’s Hellboy. There is a third poster which features other monsters from the movie, proving just how out there Marshall and crew went to make things closer to Mike Mignola’s source material. After years of anticipation, the movie finally hits theaters this week and […]

Endgame Odeon Posters Are Ready to Avenge the Fallen

Marvel Studios has unveiled two new Avengers: Endgame international posters and they tease a Hulk/Bruce Banner mystery. These new looks at the movie very well could be the best looking art released for the movie so far and they also raise a few questions. The promotional tour for Endgame is currently underway and Marvel Cinematic […]