Noah Centineo Is Ready to Take on He-Man in Masters of the Universe

In March 2021, Band of Robbers directing duo Aaron and Adam Nee will be unleashing their new take on Masters of the Universe with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before breakout Noah Centineo taking on the role of He-Man. And this weekend, Centineo talked a bit about taking on the iconic character from our […]

Ready or Not Trailer Engages in a Blood-Drenched Game of Hide & Seek

Fox Searchlight has released the first trailer for Ready or Not. This looks to be a pretty interesting take on the horror genre. The filmmakers have decided to take a children’s game, in the form of hide and seek, and turn it into a very deadly situation that boils down to kill or be killed. […]

Sarah Connor Is Ready for War in Stunning Terminator: Dark Fate B&W Image

We have a brand new look at Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate. It’s been nearly four years since this franchise last took aim at the big screen with the maligned Terminator: Genisys. That movie did feature the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to his most iconic role, but that was just one […]

Dark Fate Poster Has Sarah Connor Ready for the Day After Judgment Day

Sarah Connor is the focus of the Terminator: Dark Fate poster. Paramount is dropping the first trailer for the long awaited sequel tomorrow, May 23rd, and the latest poster is preparing us for the sequel footage. Lucky attendees at last month’s CinemaCon were treated to some Terminator: Dark Fate scenes and the response was overwhelmingly […]

Stunning New Wonder Woman 2 Photo Has Gal Gadot Ready for 1984

It’s Gal Gadot’s birthday. And in wishing her a happy one, director Patty Jenkins has given us all a gift, sharing the latest look at the upcoming DC Films’ sequel Wonder Woman 1984. Here, we see Princess Diana glammed up for an 80s occasion, looking absolutely stunning in a white ball gown. Where is she […]

Endgame TV Spot Has Thanos Ready for Summer’s Biggest Showdown

Thanos has some choice words for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the latest Avengers: Endgame TV spot. There is just one second of new footage featuring Iron Man, but it does also have some previously unheard dialogue from the Mad Titan before a battle is set to begin. Josh Brolin’s Thanos was a key component to […]

2019 Summer Movie Montage Trailer Will Get You Hyped and Ready

The summer movie season is very nearly upon us and this 2019 blockbuster movies montage trailer is the perfect way to get amped up for what’s coming our way in the near future. In recent years, Hollywood has become more franchise obsessed than ever. In some ways, for certain moviegoers, that’s been a very good […]

Endgame Odeon Posters Are Ready to Avenge the Fallen

Marvel Studios has unveiled two new Avengers: Endgame international posters and they tease a Hulk/Bruce Banner mystery. These new looks at the movie very well could be the best looking art released for the movie so far and they also raise a few questions. The promotional tour for Endgame is currently underway and Marvel Cinematic […]