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PS4 New Free Games For Sept Announced, Risk Of Rain 2 Launched

After the amazing PS4 summer sale, the world’s best selling gaming console received a bunch of free new games this week. Thus, proving once and for all that PS4 is the best place to play. For September 2019, the PS Plus monthly subscription is offering PS4 players two new AAA games including Batman: Arkham Knight […]

Last Jedi Director Explains Why Risk Taking Is Important to the Star Wars Legacy

Rian Johnson still stands behind the decisions he made while writing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Wars fans were left divided by the movie that Johnson delivered in a major way. Some fans were all for the bold decisions that Johnson made, taking the franchise out of the norm and into new territory. However, […]

Exposed MoviePass database put thousands of customers’ information at risk

Facepalm: MoviePass has suffered a litany of issues since slashing prices to rock-bottom levels and attracting massive attention two years ago. Most of the wounds have been self-inflicted to the point that you’d really have to give serious consideration to whether or not it’s worth it to do business with them. Movie ticket subscription service […]

Turns out your office printer is a huge cybersecurity risk

Consider the office printer. Massive, hulking things — the devices looming in the corner of workplaces around the world have come to represent untold hours of frustration in the form of printer jams and toner problems. According to security researchers set to present their findings this Saturday at the DEF CON hacking convention in Las […]

Huge LinkedIn loophole put user security at risk

If you were browsing the LinkedIn job boards this morning, you could have come across a job opening from Mashable titled “Assistant to Matt Binder.” It’s true. It would be the best job in the world…if it actually existed. Image: Screenshot: matt binder / mashable Even though it appears right there on Mashable’s official LinkedIn […]

How a Tale of at Risk Youth Became the Edgiest Teen Film of the 80s [Rewind]

Director Mark L. Lester is known for many things. Roller Boogie, Pterodactyl and Showdown in Little Tokyo are one side of this iconoclastic coin. The other side includes movies like Firestarter, Armed and Dangerous and the legendary Commando. Yes, for all that Mr. Lester has given the world of cinema, he helmed this Arnold Schwarzenegger […]

Temp Email

Are private temporary emails a risk for government? – Blog

Are private temporary emails a risk for government? For people who are involving in government businesses using temporary email address in business is legal in Texas. In Texas, A&M Univeresity that have 6 investigations about emails sent and received by A&M University. People judged Hillary Clinton for managing her private email in government business and that had […]