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How Much Damage Did Han Solo Do to the Millennium Falcon During the Kessel Run?

Solo: A Star Wars Story answered a lot of questions about Han Solo and his early days. One of the focal points of the spin-off is the Millennium Falcon and how Han was able to get it. After watching the movie, it’s clear that the young Han was more than a little reckless with his […]

The Bugatti Chiron becomes the first hypercar to break the 300 mph barrier in a mind-bending speed run

Bottom line: Hypercar manufacturers should take note: 300mph is the next big speed milestone to hit. A feat that’s certainly impossible on humdrum traffic congested real-world roads, but achievable on a strip long enough to realize the potential of these beasts, like Bugatti did recently, with its modified Chiron in Germany. Exclusively revealed by TopGear, […]

Dark Phoenix Ends Theatrical Run as Lowest Grossing X-Men Movie Ever

It’s official. Dark Phoenix is now the lowest grossing X-Men movie ever. The theatrical run has ended with $65.8 million domestically. This is a lot lower than the previous record holder, The Wolverine, which was still able to earn $132.5 million in North America. The cards were stacked against the final installment from the beginning […]

Maika Monroe & Bill Skarsgard Are Lovers on the Run

What do you get when you take stars from two of the biggest horror movies from the past decade and put them in the same movie as star-crossed lovers? You get Villains from directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. Today, we have a first look at the two main leads along with the just announced […]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is a Wanted Killer on the Run [Exclusive]

What if you awoke from a coma with no idea who you were or how you got there, only to discover you were a wanted serial killer? That’s what happens to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the new high-tension thriller Awake. The movie, directed by Alex Cher and Fedor Lyass, is coming to Blu-ray and DVD this […]

Endgame Overtakes Avatar Original Theatrical Run

Marvel fans have been eyeballing the box office total for Avengers: Endgame over the past handful of weeks, wondering whether or not it will be able to overtake Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time. The jury is still out on that one, but this weekend the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe […]

Marvel Hits Another Home Run

It looks like Marvel Studios has another hit on their hands. The Spider-Man: Far from Home first reactions are in and they are positive, with some calling it the most “comic book-like” movie out of anything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has churned out to date. Avengers: Endgame is still lurking around the box office and […]

Hellboy Reboot Dies at the Box Office with Disastrous $21.9M Run

Remember that big, fancy R-rated Hellboy reboot that came out last month? If not, nobody would blame you for categorizing that as an afterthought, given the tepid response. Case in point, it’s already out of theaters and it has officially ended its run at the domestic box office with absolutely disastrous results. Even when factoring […]