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Bad CGI Sharks Trailer #2 Bites Back at Bad Shark Movies [Exclusive]

Bad CGI Sharks is exactly what it sounds like. Our exclusive trailer shows an incredibly terrible looking CGI shark terrorizing humans on land as it floats through the air instead of the ocean. With the release date approaching, SRS Cinema is starting to ramp up their promotion for the shark genre spoof movie. From the […]

Uncaged Final Trailer Brings Hungry Sharks to the Surface

The 47 Meters Down: Uncaged final trailer has arrived and it will leave you gasping for air. While the first installment was a tough movie to make, director Johannes Roberts decided to step things up for the sequel and things look like they were a lot harder to shoot this time around. The sequel finds […]

Uncaged Trailer Unleashes Terrifying Sharks from Hell

We have a brand new trailer for 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. This falls squarely in the very specific horror sub-genre of shark movies. The most famous example being Steven Spielberg’s unparalleled classic Jaws. Many other movies featuring the giant, sharp-toothed sea dwellers have been made over the years of varying quality. In this case, we […]