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npm Bans Terminal Ads After Backlash On Standard JS Showing Adverts

Last week we reported that the popular JavaScript library Standard JS has started showing giant ad banners in the npm command-line interface. However, this news wasn’t received well by developers and following the community’s negative reaction, npm has decided to ban terminal ads altogether. Ahmad Nassri, CTO of npm, Inc. told ZDNet, “we’re making updates […]

Cable Company Sued for Showing Pirated Avengers: Endgame in Its Entirety

Philippines cable network Orient Cable and Telecommunications aired a pirated version of Avengers: Endgame. Though they have since removed the movie, they are now facing legal action. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were the first to notice the movie was up, a day after it had arrived in theaters and well before many were able to […]

Hustlers Has Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Showing Off Her Dance Moves

Looks like Lili Reinhart is getting in shape for her new movie Hustlers. On her Instagram Stories she shared a picture of her twirling on a stripper pole like a pro with the clever caption, “Really nailing this whole pole thing”. The female directed and written movie is about two mastermind exotic dancers who figure […]