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Joker malware that signs victims up to premium subscription services discovered in 24 Play Store apps

What just happened? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: several malware-loaded apps have been found on Google’s official Play Store. Dubbed “Joker,” the malicious software has been detected in 24 apps that have over 472,000 downloads. CSIS Security Group analyst Aleksejs Kuprins made the discovery, which he wrote about in a Medium post. […]

Disney Signs 10 Year Deal with Pinewood Studios

The Mouse House is setting up shop in the U.K. Disney has signed a long-term, ten-year deal that will see them occupy Pinewood Studios, the iconic location known for playing home to many of the James Bond movies. Under the new deal, Disney will take all of the stages, backlots and other production accommodations at […]

Blumhouse’s Ma Clip Gives Off Strong Stranger Danger Warning Signs

Octavia Spencer introduces the latest clip from Blumhouse’s Ma. The actress notes that we’ve never seen her in a role like this before, which is true. We’ve never seen her tackle a horror movie. While the new clip doesn’t show some of the horror elements, the rest of the promotional material sure does. Instead, the […]