Kevin Smith Has Marvel’s Back When It Comes to Disney Losing Spider-Man

Kevin Smith doesn’t think Disney and Marvel are being greedy for asking for a bigger cut in the Spider-Man franchise. The director/writer is just as bummed out over the matter as the rest of the fans, possibly even more since he takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe very seriously. Sony and Marvel Studios have yet to […]

Finishing Justice League Snyder Cut Would Cost Millions Claims Kevin Smith

The Snyder cut of Justice League is beginning to feel like one of those things that we’re going to talk about until the end of time. Clerks director and known lover of nerdy things Kevin Smith recently declared that he’s confident the Snyder cut, in some form, exists, which sort of re-ignited the whole thing. […]

Kevin Smith Confirms Justice League Snyder Cut Is Not a Mythical Beast: It Exists

Kevin Smith has thrown some fuel on the already raging fire, one that just won’t seem to die down, that is the Snyder Cut. For nearly two years now, DC fans have been wondering about the cut of Justice League, that may or may not exist, that is at least closer to what Zack Snyder’s […]

Which Will Smith Is the Real Bad Guy?

This October we will see Will Smith go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with his greatest adversary yet: Will Smith. This is not going to be an epic rap battle between two alternate universe Big Willies (although that would be great). No, this is a new sci-fi action movie from the director of Life of Pi and […]

Tom Holland & Will Smith Are the World’s Flyest Spies

We have a brand new trailer for Spies in Disguise. This animated movie was originally produced by 20th Century Fox but, thanks to the recent merger, is now technically going to be a Disney release later this year. They’ve got some major star power in the form of Will Smith, who is just coming off […]

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Has More VFX Shots Than Star Wars Claims Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has revealed something pretty interesting about his new movie, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. According to the filmmaker, his latest actually has more visual effects than the original Star Wars. Yes, really. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to see the duo in something that resembles a Marvel movie or anything […]

Should Dame Maggie Smith Play Alfred in The Batman?

Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne is all set to punch its way into a theater near you in June 2021. And now with the casting of The Dark Knight done and done, it’s time for the internet to begin speculating on who will play some of the other critical roles […]

Rise of Skywalker Cast List Officially Drops Matt Smith, What’s Going On?

Disney has officially removed Matt Smith from the cast list for The Rise of Skywalker. Depending on what side of the fence one falls on, this can be read one of two ways; either Smith is playing some sort of super secret role in the movie and the studio is doing everything they can to […]

Guy Ritchie & Will Smith Capture the Magic Carpet Ride

The Aladdin trailers were savaged by fans who feared a tawdry adaptation of the beloved classic cartoon. Their concerns are about to be blown away like sand in the desert. Aladdin recaptures the magic that made the original so endearing. Director Guy Ritchie has delivered a sumptuous family adventure. Filled with dazzling visual effects, magnificently […]

Johnny Depp as War Photographer W. Eugene Smith Revealed in Minamata

Minamata began shooting in January of this year, with Johnny Depp set to play famed War photographer W. Eugene Smith. At the time, we were given a look at Depp in character just as the production was starting up. Now, we have a first look Depp in the actual movie. Metalwork Pictures’ Minamata stars Johnny […]