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Did Jason Momoa Just Watch Justice League Snyder Cut, or Is He Trolling Fans?

Did Jason Momoa really just watch Justice League Snyder Cut? Or is he trolling fans to get eyes on a new video he shared on Instagram? There has been much discussion since the release of Justice League back in 2017 that a mythical cut of the film by original director Zack Snyder exists somewhere out […]

New Army of the Dead Set Photo Gets Gnarly with Zack Snyder & His Skeleton Crew

Zack Snyder is retuning to his zombie roots with the upcoming action thriller Army of the Dead, which he is directing for Netflix. Long before cries for the Snyder Cut permeated the Internet, Snyder was getting his hands greasy with reanimated corpses in his Dawn of the Dead remake, which was penned by fellow DC […]

Finishing Justice League Snyder Cut Would Cost Millions Claims Kevin Smith

The Snyder cut of Justice League is beginning to feel like one of those things that we’re going to talk about until the end of time. Clerks director and known lover of nerdy things Kevin Smith recently declared that he’s confident the Snyder cut, in some form, exists, which sort of re-ignited the whole thing. […]

Kevin Smith Confirms Justice League Snyder Cut Is Not a Mythical Beast: It Exists

Kevin Smith has thrown some fuel on the already raging fire, one that just won’t seem to die down, that is the Snyder Cut. For nearly two years now, DC fans have been wondering about the cut of Justice League, that may or may not exist, that is at least closer to what Zack Snyder’s […]

Darkseid Officially Revealed in Justice League Snyder Cut

We finally have a proper look at Darkseid from Justice League, who would have appeared in the movie had Zack Snyder had it his way. As DC fans are surely aware at this point, Snyder most certainly did not have it his way and the version that made its way to theaters was incredibly distant […]

Just How Finished Is the Justice League Snyder Cut?

The Justice League Snyder Cut saga continues. Artist Jay Oliva worked closely with Zack Snyder while the movie was being made and was there when principal photography wrapped in December 2016. Oliva claims the original cut is further along than many initially thought. Snyder left the project right before reshoots were set to begin in […]

Mythical Justice League Snyder Cut Unites DC Fans for Suicide Prevention

A group of hardcore Zack Snyder fans are really trying to get his original cut of Justice League released. Snyder’s original cut was originally thought to be a myth until the director revealed that one really does exist earlier this year. Even before the concrete evidence, fans have been pressuring Warner Bros. to release the […]

Black Suit Edition Fan-Made Trailer Tries to Recreate the Snyder Cut

Demand for the Snyder cut of Justice League is still raging on. In its absence, one diehard fan has taken matters into his own hands with the Justice League: Black Suit Edition, which was first teased at the beginning of this year. However, we now have a full-length trailer for the fan-made project and the […]

Here’s Who Zack Snyder Wanted as Darkseid in Justice League

We now know who would have played Darkseid had Zack Snyder made Justice League and its sequel the way he wanted. Much has been made of Snyder’s plans for the DC universe that never will be. The filmmaker kicked this universe off with Man of Steel and continued things with Batman v Superman: Dawn of […]

Justice League Snyder Cut Confirmed to Exist, and It’s 3.5 Hours Long?

Zack Snyder says that his cut of Justice League does exist. However, it is up to Warner Bros. to finish and deliver to audiences. Snyder fans have been campaigning for over a year for Warner Bros. to release the original cut of the doomed project, even without knowing if it actually existed. The director left […]