Can Spider-Man Can Be Saved in the MCU? Sony-Disney Talks Are Ongoing

Earlier today, it was reported that Marvel Studios was on the verge of losing Spider-Man due to a dispute between Sony and Disney. It looked like the MCU was on the verge of losing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker forever. All may not be lost though, as Sony is now claiming that this dispute all comes […]

Spider-Man Reported to Be Out of the MCU as Sony Pulls Rights from Disney

In something of a shocker, Sony Pictures will no longer be collaborating with the Disney-owned Marvel Studios on future Spider-Man movies. This comes just after it was revealed that Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony’s highest-grossing movie ever at the box office, which was in no small part thanks to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige […]

Rare Spider-Man Twin Towers Teaser Has Been Restored in 4K

An incredibly rare Spider-Man teaser has been found and restored in 4K. The footage was shown in theaters ahead of A Knight’s Tale in 2001, a full year before the movie hit theaters and it featured the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The scene in question was specifically shot for the teaser and […]

Tom Holland as James Bond? Spider-Man Star Is Definitely Down with It

Spider-Man: Far From Home is getting ready to hit theaters and Tom Holland already has his eyes on the next franchise. There have been rumors about everybody and their brother, or sister, taking over the James Bond franchise after Daniel Craig splits. Obviously Holland’s name is going to come up because he has a pulse […]

Spider-Man Director Addresses Sinister 6, Gwen Stacy & Other Big Rumors

Director Jon Watts is here to clear the air regarding some rumors about Spider-Man: Far from Home. We should note up top that those who consider knowing a few things that won’t be in the movie as spoilers should probably turn away now. For those who don’t, Watts had definitively stated a few things that […]

Jake Gyllenhaal Recalls Almost Replacing Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2

Jake Gyllenhaal recently talked about the time he almost starred in Spider-Man 2. The actor is currently portraying Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits theaters next Tuesday. Gyllenhaal has been having a blast out promoting his first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with co-star and new BFF Tom Holland. […]

Tom Holland Pitches Wolverine & Spider-Man Body Swap Movie

Tom Holland is ready for a Peter Parker and Wolverine team-up movie. The Spider-Man: Far from Home star is out promoting the upcoming sequel, which hits theaters next week and he’s been asked a lot of questions. However, the young actor has been having fun while out on the promotional tour and he had a […]

Spider-Man: Far from Home 4DX Review: A Swinging Good Time

Spider-Man: Far from Home is the third movie I’ve seen in 4DX this summer, and I think I’m addicted. This latest Marvel adventure is almost too much fun on its own, but when you throw in a roller coaster seat, wet mist, and some well-timed weather simulation, it becomes a can’t miss summer experience that […]

Will Spider-Man Ever Fight Dinosaurs in the MCU? Tom Holland Sure Hopes So

If Tom Holland has his way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3 will see the webslinger facing off against dinosaurs. Does this stand a chance of actually happening? Almost certainly not. But it’s an idea Holland recently floated. The young actor is charismatic and full of ideas. Are they all good ideas? Not necessarily, but […]

Spider-Sense Gets an Embarrassing New Name in Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home has unveiled a new embarrassing name for the iconic spider-sense. Marissa Tomei’s Aunt May is the one to coin the phrase and Tom Holland’s Peter Parker isn’t very happy with it. Holland and the rest of the cast and crew are currently busy on the promotional tour for the highly anticipated […]