Spoiler Master Tom Holland Riles Up Marvel Fans with Latest Slip of the Tongue

Tom Holland is back to his spoiling ways. However, it’s not really his fault this time around as the actor continues to promote Spider-Man: Far from Home. A certain group of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have yet to see Avengers: Endgame and they are really upset at Holland for spoiling the movie during a recent […]

Endgame Directors Explain Why Avengers Spoiler Ban Was So Crucial

Avengers: Endgame was all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans could think about for a year. Speculation and rumors spread like wildfire, including information about the title from all over everywhere. Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers went out of their way to make sure nothing substantial about the movie leaked in order to give MCU fans […]

Chris Evans Shares Biggest Captain America Spoiler Photo Yet from Endgame Set

Chris Evans has shared a picture of himself from the Avengers: Endgame makeup chair. When thinking of Captain America and Steve Rogers, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans probably don’t really think of the character needing too much makeup unless it’s for facial injuries from battles. However, Endgame has a scene where Evans needed some serious makeup […]

Endgame Spoiler Clip Brings Professor Hulk Out of Hiding

Professor Hulk is in Avengers: Endgame and Marvel Studios has officially unveiled him in a new clip. The cat is out of the bag. After months of rumor and speculation, Bruce Banner and Hulk have come to an agreement and are utilizing the best of each other. Early promotional art teased this element of the […]

Endgame Set Video as Spoiler Ban Lifts

Captain America pretty much always follows the rules. Chris Evans, who played the superhero tends to follow the rules too, which is why he waited until today to reveal his Avengers: Endgame behind-the-scenes “illegal” video. Chris Pratt was the first to share some video from the set after being shocked by the successful opening weekend […]

Endgame Spoiler Ban Is Officially Over This Monday Warns Directors

Those who haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet will certainly want to do that before the end of the weekend or risk having the movie spoiled. Either that or stay off of social media entirely until the time comes because directors Joe and Anthony Russo have revealed the official spoiler ban on the movie is lifting […]

Endgame Spoiler Threats on Misbehaving Students

Avengers: Endgame has been in theaters for over a week now and there’s still Marvel Cinematic Universe fans who haven’t gotten a chance to see the movie yet. While this is a bummer for said fans, it has been an excellent source of leverage for certain teachers who have been threating to spoil the movie […]

Rise of Skywalker Rumor Could Reveal a Huge Spoiler If It’s True

Matt Smith recently said he has no role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The trailer didn’t include his presence, and there was no reason to believe he was lying. Except, maybe he was just trying to save himself the headache of even remotely explaining what he is tasked to do without any spoilers, […]

Endgame Producer Calls the Whole Movie a Spoiler

Avengers: Endgame producer Trinh Tran says the movie was very hard to keep under wraps. Marvel Studios seems to have leaks under control and have secrecy down to a science. However, it looks like it might have been a lot harder for Endgame because everything is a spoiler, according to Tran. This idea doesn’t seem […]

Endgame Spoiler in April Fool’s Day Prank

Mark Ruffalo delivered a pretty great April Fool’s Day prank to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Ruffalo decided to give everybody what they’ve been asking for and tweeted out an Avengers: Endgame “spoiler.” With Endgame less than a month away from hitting theaters, fans have started to get a little impatient with the highly secretive sequel […]