Latest Aladdin TV Spots & Posters Open a Whole New World of Adventure

The latest looks at Aladdin put the focus on the importance of self-confidence. Previous peeks at the movie have been telling more of the story, but Disney is starting to branch out a little bit in their promotional campaign as the release date nears. The live-action remake has seen a bit of a backlash over […]

Endgame TV Spots Unleash an Avalanche of New Footage

Avengers: Endgame is now less than two weeks away from hitting theaters and Marvel Studios is giving the movie a big push. Before the promotional campaign started, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were wondering if the studio was even going to bother with promoting the most anticipated movie of the year. Realistically, they really don’t need […]

Various Networks Refuse to Air TV Spots for Anti-Abortion Movie Unplanned

PureFlix’s controversial anti-abortion movie Unplanned is having trouble purchasing ads. Several TV networks flatly refused to air ads for the anti-Planned Parenthood movie, except for Fox News, who has actively been promoting the project. Unplanned opened to 1,000 theaters this week and despite the negative reaction from certain TV networks, the movie has already been […]