Toy Story 4 Just Became Disney’s 5th Movie to Join $1B Club in 2019

Disney’s record-breaking year simply won’t quit, as Toy Story 4 has officially crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office. It’s now the fifth movie of the year to do so for the studio. It wasn’t all that long ago when a movie reaching that particular milestone was a huge deal. It’s become […]

The heartwarming story behind the latest Google Doodle

Typically, Google Doodles honor famous personalities or historical events (and, sometimes, surprisingly addictive games). The latest Google Doodle is none of those things, but the illustration has its own heartwarming backstory. The doodle was drawn by Georgia high school student Arantza Peña Popo, who created the doodle as a tribute to her mother. Popo beat […]

‘The Farewell’ offers a fresh kind of fish-out-of-water story: Video

By Angie Han2019-08-02 17:00:00 UTC Mashable Debutsexclusively premieres music, videos, artwork, trailers and more. You saw it here first! The Farewell is hardly the first movie to find humor and pathos in a culture clash. But as director Lulu Wang notes in this exclusive featurette, there’s something kind of unusual about this one.  “We’ve seen […]

A Harrowing True Story of False Accusation

The story of Brian Banks is especially pertinent in the #MeToo era. A high school football player in Long Beach, California, Banks was falsely accused of rape by a classmate. He was railroaded into a plea deal by the district attorney, then stunned by a lengthy jail sentence for a crime he did not commit. […]

Toy Story 4 Locks Away Annabelle with $57.9M Second Weekend Box Office Win

Annabelle Comes Home was no match for Toy Story 4 at this weekend’s box office. Disney and Pixar’s sequel was able to take in $57.9 million in its second weekend in theaters, which brings the worldwide total to a massive $360.5 million. Though the sequel did not do as well as initially estimated, it has […]

Rise of Skywalker Reveals Real Story Behind Rey’s Parents Once and for All

This Christmas we will witness the end of a saga as director J.J. Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker hits a jam-packed theater near you. And while it’s still very much up in the air which questions this final movie will answer, star Daisy Ridley has just confirmed that Rise of Skywalker will 100% address Rey’s […]

Disney Cuts Toy Story 2 Stinky Pete Scene in Wake of #MeToo Movement

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Disney has deleted a casting couch joke originally featured in Toy Story 2 for the movie’s re-release on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD. The gag refers to slimy filmmakers coercing aspiring actresses into sex by promising them prominent roles in major movies. Because the #MeToo movement […]

The Crazy True Story Behind The DeLorean

We have a brand new trailer for Driven. This biopic sets out to tell the tale of John DeLorean, the man behind the DeLorean, a car that was immortalized in Back to the Future. While the car is iconic, the story behind the man who created it is one that not many are familiar with, […]

Toy Story 4 Rounds Up $118M at the Weekend Box Office, Scores $238M in Worldwide Debut

Disney and Pixar easily snagged the number one spot at the box office this weekend after bringing in $118 million. Early projections for the long awaited sequel had it in the $140 million to $165 million range, but it was still the shot in the arm that the struggling summer box office needed. Globally, the […]

Toy Story 4 Spinoff Possible, Tim Allen Compares Franchise to Avengers

This past weekend, Pixar and Disney unleashed the fourth (and final?) entry in the Toy Story saga into a theater near you. And today we have word via Buzz Lightyear himself Tim Allen that the series might continue on like Marvel’s The Avengers with “offshoots of characters that have simultaneous stories.” Or, you know, Toy […]