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Bautista on Missed DC Role, No Drax Movie & Wanting a Standalone Superhero Franchise

Dave Bautista wants to lead a solo movie in a comic book franchise. Period. And he’s determined to make that happen one way or another. Recently, Bautista, who is known best for playing Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expressed his desire to play the Batman villain Clayface. As it turns out, that was just […]

Kevin Hart Takes on Superhero Comedy Night Wolf

After moving from stand-up specials to big-budget action flicks, Kevin Hart is ready to enter the superhero realm. Kind of. The Central Intelligence actor will star in and produce superhero comedy Night Wolf alongside STXfilms through his HartBeat productions. The script will come from Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. The chairman of […]

Aquaman Spinoff The Trench Will Be More Monster Movie Than Superhero Adventure

As we all know by this point in time The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 director James Wan is currently developing an Aquaman horror movie spin-off based on The Trench. A species of horrific sea monsters, The Trench seem like the perfect characters to base a DC horror movie on, if you ask me. And […]

Dark Phoenix Ending Was Reshot Because Another Superhero Movie Had the Same Ending

Dark Phoenix, the upcoming X-Men movie that is set to end this version of the franchise, had to undergo massive reshoots at one point that entirely changed the third act of the movie. Originally, we had been given reasons that seemed a bit generic, like the filmmakers wanting to ground the movie a bit more […]

Is Brightburn Connected to Super? Exploring James Gunn’s New Superhero Universe

BrightBurn may be the start of the James Gunn cinematic universe. We stress may, but there are some clues in the recently released horror-tinged superhero movie, which was produced by Gunn, that hint this movie could exist in a larger universe of characters that certain movie fans may already be familiar with. Whether or not […]

Evil Has Found Its Superhero

Sony Pictures has released the final trailer for BrightBurn. This comes from producer James Gunn, the filmmaker behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. In this instance, he’s taking on a character that has a lot of Superman-like qualities. Only this movie is posing the question, what if a superpowered alien being like Superman decided […]

MCU Will Announce Openly Gay Superhero Soon Teases Endgame Director

Avengers: Endgame saw Joe Russo play the first openly gay character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a small part, but Russo says Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will have an announcement “pretty soon” about another gay character being inrtiduced into the MCU. Marvel Studios has been criticized a number of times over the […]

Does Shazam Have Any DC Superhero Cameos?

With Shazam! finally in theaters, there’s a lot to talk about. For one, it’s just fun to be jazzed about another DC movie and the general consensus seems to be that this one is extremely enjoyable. But, as with any major comic book movie, there are deeper things to dig into. With this one, we […]

Tobey Maguire Doesn’t Rule Out Another Superhero Role

Tobey Maguire hasn’t played a superhero since hanging up the tights in 2007, but the Spider-Man star just might fight crime on the big screen once again. In a recent interview, the actor touched on whether or not we might ever see him playing another superhero. “I just don’t really have an ‘I would or […]