Angel Has Fallen Director Talks Giving Mike Banning New Life [Exclusive]

Gerard Butler returns as agent Mike Banning in Angel Has Fallen this weekend. This is the third entry in the “Fallen” series, which also includes Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen. This time around, the series brought in some new blood in the form of Ric Roman Waugh. The stuntman-turned-director is at the helm […]

Schwarzenegger Talks King Conan Script with Original Director John Milius

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently reunited with Conan the Barbarian director John Milius, and the two apparently spoke about the next potential movie King Conan. In a new image posted on Instagram, Schwarzenegger is shown frollicking with Milius at Silicon Valley Comic-Con. “Yes, I talked to him about his King Conan script,” the actor says in the […]

Can Spider-Man Can Be Saved in the MCU? Sony-Disney Talks Are Ongoing

Earlier today, it was reported that Marvel Studios was on the verge of losing Spider-Man due to a dispute between Sony and Disney. It looked like the MCU was on the verge of losing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker forever. All may not be lost though, as Sony is now claiming that this dispute all comes […]

Edward Furlong Finally Talks About His Terminator: Dark Fate Return

Edward Furlong has finally opened up about his return as John Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate. We learned during San Diego Comic-Con that the actor who first brought the character to life in Terminator 2: Judgment Day would be reprising his role for the first time in nearly three decades in the upcoming sequel. Few […]

Itsy Bitsy Director Micah Gallo Talks Crafting a Real, Creepy Spider Movie [Exclusive]

Spiders are one of the things we, as humans, are commonly terrified of. I count myself in that category. And yet, I adore horror movies focused on the creepy, crawly creatures. Arachnophobia, Eight Legged Freaks. I eat it up. And thanks to effects guru turned director Micah Gallo, the new generation has a scary spider […]

Rachel Bloom Talks About Playing Silver in The Angry Birds Movie 2 [Exclusive]

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is the latest sequel coming our way in a summer full of franchise fare. But this one looks like it’s going to stand out amongst the onslaught of blockbusters as, rather amazingly, it’s currently the highest-rated video game movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes. Could this be a late summer surprise? […]

Child’s Play Remake Director Talks Possible Sequel Storyline

Child’s Play (2019) director Lars Klevberg already has an idea of where he would like to take the sequel. The remake is currently number two at the North American box office after coming in at the lower end of the initial box predictions. Reactions to Klevberg’s remake have been mixed thus far, but the director […]

The Refuge Director Keith Sutliff Talks About Drawing Inspiration from Tarantino

When Quentin Tarantino hangs up his director’s cap in a couple of years – the famed filmmaker promising his tenth film is his last – up-and-coming actor/writer/producer/director Keith Sutliff is only too happy to fill the void. Like Tarantino, the star and director of the gritty new crime throwback The Refuge worked as hard as […]

Marvel Boss Confirms Keanu Reeves Talks, They Just Need the Right Fit

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirms the Keanu Reeves casting talks. Feige is out doing promotion for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits theaters in just a few weeks, and was asked about the current most famous man in the entertainment industry. Reeves is seemingly everywhere at the moment with John Wick: Chapter 3 – […]

Are Halloween 2 Talks Heating Up Between Jamie Lee Curtis & Blumhouse?

It looks like Halloween 2 is closer to becoming a reality, as teased by producer Jason Blum. What’s more, it appears as though Jamie Lee Curtis, if all goes well, may even return once again as Laurie Strode. Blum, the head of Blumhouse Productions, helped to revive the iconic slasher franchise last year with the […]