Babadook Director’s New Movie Had People Fleeing the Theater & Screaming at the Screen

The Babadook director Jennifer Kent is creating quite a bit of controversy with her newest movie, as early screenings reportedly are causing filmgoers to shout out at the screen while others walk out in disgust. Called The Nightingale, Kent’s new movie is a violent thriller set in colonial Tasmania. It recently debuted at the Sydney […]

Chucky & La Llorona Terrorize Theater Full of Kids Waiting to Watch Detective Pikachu

A theater expecting to see Detective Pikachu were sadly mistaken (and terrified) when The Curse of La Llorona played instead. Not only that, but the trailers playing ahead of the movie were all terrifying too, which ended up scaring some children and making them cry. This happens quite frequently in movie theaters, but we only […]

Endgame Fan Allegedly Attacked for Spoiling Movie Outside Theater

Avengers: Endgame mania has hit fever pitch. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been going out of their way to avoid spoilers like running through a virtual minefield, with some avoiding social media completely. But what happens when someone spoils the movie at a movie theater and they’re not Tom Holland? Apparently street justice comes into […]