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The Movie Trailer Takes Zach Galifianakis on an All-Star Road Trip

We never thought it would happen. But here it is. Zach Galifianakis has successfully turned his Internet talk show into a feature film. Today, Netflix has released the official star-studded trailer for Between Two Ferns: The Movie. And it looks like a hilarious romp across America. In Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Zach Galifianakis and […]

Final Hustlers Trailer Teams Cardi B & Jennifer Lopez for the Ultimate Stripper Con

STX Entertainment has revealed the final trailer for Hustlers. This movie has a pretty solid hook, in that it’s a bunch of big-name stars playing strippers in something of a crime drama that looks glitzy and over-the-top. But it may be more than a catchy premise, as it’s set to debut at the prestigious Toronto […]

Birds of Prey Teaser Trailer Arrives Unleashing a Mallet-Swinging Harley Quinn

The Birds of Prey international teaser trailer has found its way online. The first look at the movie gives us our best look yet at Harley Quinn’s upcoming adventure and DC fans will more than likely be happy with the results. We were teased with some images from the trailer earlier this week, which signaled […]

Birds of Prey Trailer Sneaks Into Theaters with Spider-Man Extended Cut This Weekend

Warner Bros. has silently released the first trailer for Birds of Prey. The first look at the highly anticipated movie starring Margot Robbie was teased earlier this week when some images leaked online. As of this writing, the only place to see the trailer is in front of the Spider-Man: Far From Home extended cut, […]

Leaked Birds of Prey Images Surface, Trailer Expected to Drop Soon

We’ve finally got some new Birds of Prey news. The movie’s release is creeping up rather quickly, which is why it seems a bit strange that we haven’t seen much in the way of official marketing up to this point. That’s all set to change in the near future though, as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn […]

Along Came the Devil 2 Trailer Conjures an Eye-Bleeding Tale of Demonic Possession

We have a brand new trailer for Along Came the Devil 2. This serves as a sequel to last year’s Along Came the Devil, which didn’t make much of a splash at the box office (or really any splash at the box office) but it must have done well enough on the VOD market to […]

Final Joker Trailer Is Hiding a Clever DCEU Batman Easter Egg

Warner Bros. dropped the final trailer for Todd Phillips’ Joker earlier this week. Since then, DC fans have been trying to figure out what to make of the movie, which reinvents the Clown Prince of Crime’s origin story. Phillips has said more than once that the movie takes place outside of the DCEU and is […]

Dark Fate Trailer #2 Arrives and It’s Absolutely Insane

Terminator: Dark Fate footage has premiered on Judgment Day Today was the perfect day (August 29th) to unveil the new trailer from the highly anticipated sequel and it looks a lot more intense than the first trailer that arrived earlier this year. The previously released footage did a lot to get hardcore Terminator fans on […]

Netflix’s The Two Popes Trailer Doubles Down with Anthony Hopkins & Jonathan Pryce

Netflix has revealed the first trailer for The Two Popes. This comes from acclaimed director Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener, City of God), as well as three-time Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Anthony McCarten (Darkest Hour, The Theory of Everything). The two have partnered with a couple of A-list stars in the form of Anthony Hopkins and […]

Epic Games Store highlights indies in its PAX West Showcase trailer

Epic Games is continuing to make deals to keep new releases off of Steam, but not all of those timed semi-exclusives are huge brands from major publishers. As part of its promotional efforts at the PAX West fan event this weekend, the company is focusing on smaller indies. Epic’s PAX West Showcase features eight indies […]