Ron Howard Points Blame at Star Wars Trolls for Solo Bombing at the Box Office

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been in the news quote a bit lately. Last week, Star Wars fans were able to get the movie trending on social media in hopes that it would get the attention of the studio to green light a sequel. While a sequel is a longshot, the first one was […]

A Lifeless Attempt at Fabricating A Trolls Rip-Off

The first animated feature from STX Entertainment, Uglydolls, is unfortunately not the best start for this particular studio. The movie lacks originality and, frankly, any form of cleverness, with every character in this star-studded cast being one-dimensional and bland. Whether or not UglyDolls was intentionally a direct rip-off of 2016’s Trolls remains to be seen. […]

Rian Johnson Trolls Last Jedi Haters with Maniacal Game of Thrones Tweet

Rian Johnson was one of the millions watching Game of Thrones last night and he had the perfect response to an epic scene. Johnson has been torn apart by a certain faction of Star Wars fans who were not happy with what he did in creating the storyline for The Last Jedi. The director can’t […]

Robert Downey Jr. Hilariously Trolls Tom Holland Over Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

Robert Downey Jr. decided to have some fun at Tom Holland’s expense over Avengers: Endgame spoilers. Holland’s Peter Parker famously turned to dust at the conclusion of Infinity War and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are curious to see how the character is able to come back from the Decimation. However, had Holland been involved in […]

DC Trolls Fans with Fake Aquaman 2 Trailer for April Fool’s Day

Warner Bros. is getting in on the April Fool’s Day fun this year. The studio uploaded an Aquaman 2 trailer, which was actually just a clever promo for Shazam!, which opens in theaters later this week. It’s a pretty slick move and starts exactly like what we’d imagine an Aquaman sequel trailer would look like, […]