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Glenn Danzig’s Verotika Is Coming to VOD for Halloween, First Poster Unveiled

Glenn Danzig’s Verotika is coming soon to TV screen near you. The unintentionally hilarious movie will also be coming to select theaters in the coming weeks, thanks to Fathom entertainment. Danzig’s directorial debut has been compared to Tommy WIseau’s The Room and received a lot of laughs during its premiere at Cinepocalypse in Chicago, which […]

Glenn Danzig’s Verotika Gets Compared to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room

Chicago’s Cinepocalypse Film Festival was treated to Glenn Danzig’s long-awaited horror anthology Verotika. Instead of screams of terror, the audience was full of laughter, much to Danzig’s surprise. The iconic musician wrote all of the original Misfits songs, fronted Samhain, and brought Danzig to the mainstream, but making a horror movie doesn’t appear to be […]

Glenn Danzig’s Verotika Will Premiere at Cinepocalypse This Summer

Verotika is coming to Cinepocalypse for its world premiere this summer. The horror anthology marks the directorial debut of punk metal legend Glenn Danzig and is based on his Verotik comics. The movie was announced in August 2018, and now it’s almost ready for the world to see. Cinepocalypse, Chicago’s premiere festival for electrifying and […]