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Scammers Use AI To Fake CEO’s Voice, Transfer $243,000

We all know how AI has advanced over the years and is continuing to do so for a better future. While AI helps us in numerous ways, it also contributes to malicious activities as suggested by a new cybercriminal case. AI used in money fraud As hinted by a report by the Wall Street Journal, […]

Toy Story 4 Brings in 4 Surprise Comedy Legends to Voice Abandoned Toys

The already impressive voice cast of Toy Story 4 just got even more impressive, as several comedy legends are set to voice new characters in the Pixar sequel. Mel Brooks, Betty White, Carol Burnett and Carl Reiner are all voicing old toys in the movie and, what’s more, the toys are all going to have […]

Hear Robert Pattinson’s Batman Voice in the Twilight Commentary

It turns out that Robert Pattinson may have jokingly predicted his own, possible turn as The Batman more than a decade ago. The internet has been buzzing for the better part of the last day over recent reports indicating that Pattinson could very well be our new Caped Crusader. He hasn’t locked down the role […]

Ryan Reynolds Almost Gave Detective Pikachu a Very Different Voice

Ryan Reynolds admits he attempted to bring a new voice to Detective Pikachu. However, the studio was not into his idea in the slightest. They just wanted the popular Reynolds voice, aka Wade Wilson and Deadpool. On paper, the idea seems more than a little bit weird, but the trailers have proven to be a […]

Original Child’s Play Director Supports Mark Hamill as Voice of New Chucky

Mark Hamill is confirmed as the voice of Chucky in MGM and Orion’s Child’s Play Remake, and original director Tom Holland is fully on board. Of course, horror fans will know Holland as the director of the original movie from 1988. While screenwriter and Chucky creator Don Mancini has publicly expressed his unhappiness with the […]