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Watch the Jason Lives Fan Made Sequel

The screenwriter and the director of the original Friday the 13th are currently playing tug-of-war with the rights to the series in a never-ending legal battle, but that isn’t keeping Jason Voorhees from upping his body count. With no hope of seeing the trademark hockey mask back on the big screen anytime soon, filmmakers have […]

How to watch Apple’s 2019 By Innovation Only iPhone event stream

Two weeks after it was announced, Apple’s “By Innovation Only” media event is officially kicking off today at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. VentureBeat will be covering the event live from Apple Park, and if you’d like to watch online, you can stream it direct from Apple at this link or watch via YouTube, starting […]

Tesla Driver Falls Asleep During Autopilot [Watch The Video Here]

Another Tesla driver was recently found asleep in Massachusetts Turnpike while driving on Interstate 90. The driver in question was also with a co-passenger who was also asleep as the Tesla electric car cruised around 55-60 mph on cruise control. The incident was recorded by a fellow motorist, Dakota Randall, as he was passing by […]

Watch this heroic man save an adorable kitten from certain death

Dashcam videos don’t always end well. But thanks to one man’s quick thinking, this one culminates in glorious rescue rather than tragedy. Watch as an unnamed hero saves an adorable but unfortunately placed kitten mere seconds before it would’ve gotten crushed by the wheels of a car. According to the YouTube description, the harrowing rescue […]

Watch a drag queen effortlessly lip sync to Wii Store music

Drag is an art form, and this performance is a masterpiece.  New York City based drag queen Sherry Poppins lip synced to the Wii Store song for nearly seven minutes in a glorious three-part saga that went viral on Twitter last week. Staying perfectly on beat, she mouths out every synth bloop and dances out […]

Watch The House of the Devil at the Actual House for Its 10th Anniversary

Fans of The House of the Devil, here’s your chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity. Join host Kenny Caperton on Saturday, November 2nd in Lakeville, Connecticut for a very special one-night only 10th Anniversary event …a screening of The House of the Devil at the actual HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. Halloween will still […]

Apple Watch might soon get built-in sleep tracking

Rumor mill: Apple may have found a way to provide Watch sleep tracking without a big penalty on battery life and is expected to showcase the feature at its upcoming event on September 10. Apple will be adding sleep tracking to the Apple Watch lineup as soon as next week according to a new report […]

Watch a reporter’s close call with a lightning strike on camera

A video out of Phoenix, Arizona, shows lightning striking the ground startlingly close to a local reporter as he prepared to go on camera. Matt Rodewald, who works for Phoenix’s Fox affiliate, was covering the monsoon storms in the area on Wednesday. Just before he began his live report, the lightning hit. According to a […]

Watch a kid reel in a 30-pound fish with her ‘Frozen’ mini pole

If you plan to bid farewell to summer with a little fishing this weekend, take some pointers from this tiny angler. Josie, 4, was fishing with her parents near Delavan, Illinois on Wednesday when she got a bite from a 33-pound flathead. (Josie weighs 30 pounds.) But with some help with her dad and her […]

Watch Live: 15 minutes of fresh Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Highly anticipated: When it comes to the video game industry, there are few developers as beloved by players as CD Projekt Red, and few games as highly anticipated as the studio’s upcoming RPG epic Cyberpunk 2077. After over a year of waiting, gamers will finally be able to enjoy a fresh (but comparatively brief) look […]