Chucky & La Llorona Terrorize Theater Full of Kids Waiting to Watch Detective Pikachu

A theater expecting to see Detective Pikachu were sadly mistaken (and terrified) when The Curse of La Llorona played instead. Not only that, but the trailers playing ahead of the movie were all terrifying too, which ended up scaring some children and making them cry. This happens quite frequently in movie theaters, but we only […]

The 2 MCU Movies You Must Watch Before Endgame According to the Russo Bros.

Avengers: Endgame is fast approaching and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are either watching all previous movies to prepare or figuring out which ones to see in preparation. For those fans who don’t have a spare 59+ hours to catch up on everything that has gone down over the last eleven years, the Russo Brothers have […]

Watch the Star Wars 9 Panel Live from Star Wars Celebration

The first look at Star Wars 9 is on the way and you’ll be able to watch all of the fun from Star Wars Celebration at home. The official Star Wars website and YouTube channel will be broadcasting live to give fans a look at the huge party being thrown in Chicago. J.J. Abrams and […]